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Twitch Streaming Guides

Below are our Twitch Streaming Guides which are centered around helping you in your Twitch streaming journey. These guides will help you get started with streaming, help you grow on Twitch, help you pick out the right equipment, and teach you how to make money on Twitch.

Streamer Setups

Want to know what equipment your favorite streamer is using? We got you! On Streamerfacts we constantly write in-depth articles about streamers and their setups. Which is your favorite streamer?

pokimane stream setup


ludwig stream setup


Lily pichu stream setup

Lily Pichu

Emotes of Twitch

Twitch wouldn’t be Twitch without the many different emotes! There are thousands of emotes on Twitch: native emotes, subscriber-only emotes and extended emotes from browser extensions such as BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ. Many of these emotes have long histories which we love to explore in our dedicated emote articles.

Streamer Net Worths

There is a lot of money in streaming on Twitch. A LOT. We’ve covered the net worths of some of the wealthiest Twitch streamers out there. Who do you think is the richest streamer?

timthetatman net worth


nickmercs net worth


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