Aria Saki Net Worth, Age, Twitch Earnings 2023

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aria saki net worth
Real Name:Angela Don
Date of BirthMarch 31, 1994
Age: 28
Net Worth: $300,000 USD

What is Aria Saki’s net worth?

Aria Saki‘s estimated net worth is $300,000 USD.

How does Aria Saki make money?

Aria Saki is a variety streamer on Twitch known for her cooking streams as well as collaborating with OfflineTV and friends.

Here’s a little run-down of how Aria Saki makes money:

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Twitch Earnings

Aria Saki is a partnered Twitch streamer meaning she makes money from subscribers, advertisements, and bit donations.

💰 Subscriptions

Fans can subscribe to Twitch streamers in exchange for exclusive benefits such as ad-free watching, subscriber-only emotes, and more.

It is likely that Aria Saki qualifies for the 70/30 sub split considering how many subscribers she has. For this reason, we believe her to keep 70% of her earnings from Twitch or $3.50 per tier 1 subscriber ($4.99/mo).

💰 Advertisements

Aria Saki has advertisements on her stream, for which she gets paid an estimated $2 per 1000 viewers.

streamer tip

Streamers have the ability to give their viewers advertisements as often as they want. However, for the most part, advertisement income only makes up a small chunk of their monthly income.

💰 Donations

Being a Twitch Streamer, Aria Saki also accepts donations from fans.

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Youtube Earnings

Aria Saki also has a YouTube channel with 200k subscribers. Aria Saki isn’t very active on her YouTube channel and at the time of writing, she hasn’t uploaded in 3 months. Her videos have between 50 and 400k views.

YouTubers make money from advertisements. We estimate that most YouTubers receive around $2 – $4 per 1000 viewers on their videos.

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Sponsorships & Brand Deals

Streamers often get paid by brands to promote products (apparel, peripherals, drinks, video games, etc).

sponsorships and brand deals
  • Aria Saki promotes NORDVPN in her Twitch Bio.

Sponsorships can be a very good earner for streamers but are hard to track and estimate which is why we never include them when we estimate a streamers’ monthly earnings.

How much does Aria Saki make from sponsorships and brand deals?

We estimate that Aria Saki makes $5 – $10k per month from sponsorships and brand deals.

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Immortals Org

Aria Saki is signed with Gaming Organization Immortals.

We have no data on how much Aria Saki receives from Immortals. They likely pay her a salary, as well as broker deals with sponsors.


Aria Saki has a merch store over at At the time of writing, Aria Saki the merch store does not hold any stock.

Due to insufficient data, we cannot estimate how much Aria Saki makes from merch.

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How much do Twitch streamers make?

how much do twitch streamers make

Interested to know how much Twitch streamers make? We’ve covered everything there is to know about the salary of Twitch streamers of every size, whether they are small creators who stream to less than 100 people or top-tier creators on the platform!

How much money does Aria Saki make from Twitch?

Aria Saki makes an estimated $6k per month from streaming on Twitch.

Here’s how this adds up:

…From Twitch subscribers

According to Twitch Tracker, Aria Saki has 1176 average subscribers on Twitch.

screengrab twitch tracker: monthly subscribers for Aria Saki

Considering he makes $3.50 per tier 1 subscriber, we estimate that Aria Saki makes at least $4,116 USD per month from subscribers on Twitch.

…From Twitch Advertisements

Aria Saki streams to about 596k total viewers every month.

Considering a $2 CPM, we estimate that Aria Saki makes at least $1,192 USD per month from Advertisements on Twitch.

Source: Twitch Tracker

…From Donations

Donations on Twitch are difficult to estimate.

We expect a streamer like Aria Saki to make anywhere between $1k to $4k per month in donations on average.

How much money does Aria Saki make from Youtube?

Aria Saki has on average 369k monthly views on her YouTube channel.

Considering a $3 CPM, we estimate that Aria Saki makes an estimated $738 USD per month from Advertisements on YouTube.

Source: SocialBlade

How much money does Aria Saki make per month?

how much does aria saki make per month?

Aria Saki makes an estimated $7k per month from streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to her YouTube channel.

This estimation is solely based on TWITCH and YOUTUBE earnings and does not include earnings Aria Saki has from Immortals, merch, sponsorships, and other income sources.

How did Aria Saki get started?

  • Aria Saki started streaming League of Legends on Twitch in 2014.
  • By the end of 2017, Aria Saki had 190 average viewers on Twitch.
  • Aria Saki’s audience grew a lot in 2018 as she started to do more IRL streams such as her popular cooking streams. She ended the year with 905 average viewers.
  • 2020 was a big year for Aria Saki as her audience grew to 2,524 average viewers. She has a lot of her growth to thank to games such as Among Us and Minecraft which she frequently played with OfflineTV members. This was also the year she started uploading highlights to YouTube. Some of her highest viewed videos feature large streamers such as Ludwig, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae.
  • In 2021, Aria Saki continued to grow her audience to 3,565 average viewers.


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Aria Saki FAQ

Is Aria Saki in OfflineTV?

No Aria Saki is not a part of OfflineTv. She does frequently collaborate with OfflineTV and friends. For example, she plays on their Minecraft servers and sometimes has OfflineTV members appear in her IRL streams.

Is Aria Saki single?

Aria Saki is currently not dating anyone publicly.

What ethnicity is Aria Saki?

Aria Saki is Vietnamese. She was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.

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