Asmongold Net Worth, Age, Twitch Earnings 2023

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asmongold net worth
Real Name:Zack
Date of BirthApril 20, 1990
Age: 32
Net Worth: $2,000,000 USD

What is Asmongold’s net worth?

Asmongold’s estimated net worth is $2,000,000 USD.

Who is Asmongold?

asmongold net worth, twitch earnings, youtube earnings, facts and more

Asmongold is a popular Twitch streamer and Youtuber. He is known for his love of MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft, the game that started his career, and more recently, the new MMO’s Lost Ark and Elden Ring.

Asmongold is also known for his stereotypical gamer streamer persona. He streams from his lair which is covered in fountain soda drinks. He lives frugaly and also barely leaves his house. Some within his fanbase describe him as a millionaire who lives like someone who makes $15/hr.

How does Asmongold make money?

Here’s a little run-down of how Asmongold makes money:

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Twitch Earnings

On Twitch, Asmongold has 3.3 million followers. As a Twitch partner, he makes money from Subscribers, Advertisements, and donations.

💰 Subscriptions

For every subscriber, Asmongold keeps about 70% of the profits, Twitch will keep the other 30%. So for a regular tier 1 subscriber, Asmongold receives $3.50.

💰 Advertisements

Asmongold also makes money from Advertisements. Streamers are estimated to make about $2 per 1000 viewers on a stream.

💰 Donations

And finally, Asmongold makes money from donations on Twitch. Fans can donate to Asmongold using his streamlabs tip jar, or by using Twitch bits.

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YouTube Earnings

Asmongold also has a YouTube channel with 1.6 million subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he posts about 3 times per day and receives an average of 200K views per video.

Asmongold has multiple channels on YouTube on which he makes money from advertisements.

  • His main channel (Asmongold TV) has 1.6 million subscribers
  • Asmongold Clips has 300k subscribers
  • Asmongold Gaming has 18k subscribers
  • Asmongold has 340k subscribers
  • ZackRawrr has 400k subscribers
  • Asmongold has not posted on Asmongold in 4 years or ZackRawrr in 1 year.

On his main channel, Asmongold posts 3 times per day and receives an average of 200k views per video.

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Streamers often get paid by brands to promote products (apparel, peripherals, drinks, video games, etc).

sponsorships and brand deals
  • Asmongold has sponsors such as GameFuel from which he receives a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using his link or discount code.

Sponsorships can be a very good earner for streamers but are hard to track and estimate which is why we never include them when we estimate a streamers’ monthly earnings.

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As of right now, Asmongold does not sell any merch.

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How much do Twitch streamers make?

how much do twitch streamers make

Interested to know how much Twitch streamers make? We’ve covered everything there is to know about the salary of Twitch streamers of every size, whether they are small creators who stream to less than 100 people or top-tier creators on the platform!

How much money does Asmongold make from Twitch?

Asmongold makes an estimated $83,179 per month from streaming on Twitch.

Here’s how this adds up:

…From Twitch subscribers

According to Twitch Tracker, Asmongold has 17,537 subscribers on average.

Fun fact: 46.9% of Asmongold’s subscribers are Twitch Prime Subs.

Considering he makes $3.50 per tier 1 subscriber, we estimate that Asmongold makes at least $61,379 USD per month from subscribers on Twitch.

…From Twitch Advertisements

Asmongold has 10.9 million average total viewers on his Twitch channel every month.

Considering a $2 CPM, we estimate that Asmongold makes at least $21,800 USD per month from Advertisements on Twitch.

…From Donations

Donations are hard to estimate but his streamlabs tip jar does reveal that Asmongold made $704 from his top 10 donations this month.

how much Asmongold makes in donations each month

Considering how popular Asmongold is, he likely makes around $1000 to $2000 in donations every week or $4000 to $8000 per month.

How much money does Asmongold make from Youtube?

According to social blade, Asmongold has an average of 38 million views on his main YouTube channel every month.

Asmongold has an average of 38 million video views on his main YouTube channel every month.
Screengrab SocialBlade: monthly views on Asmongold’s youtube channel

Additionally, Asmongold has an extra 24 million monthly views from his secondary channel Asmongold Clips.

Screengrab SocialBlade: monthly views on Asmongold Clips

In total, Asmongold has 62 million views across his multiple youtube channels.

Considering a $2 CPM, we estimate that Asmongold makes an estimated $124k USD per month from Advertisements on YouTube.

How much money does Asmongold make per month?

how much does asmongold make per month?

Asmongold makes an estimated $207,179 per month from streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to his YouTube channel.

Please note that this estimation does not include any earnings Asmongold makes from commissions, sponsorships, brand deals, investments, and other sources.

Asmongold Twitch Leak Earnings

After a Data Breach on Twitch in October of 2021, the earnings of some of the top streamers on the platform were leaked.

Quickly after the breach appeared online, a list was made up of the top 100 highest paid streamers on Twitch.

On this list, Asmongold took the #14 position with a total payout of $2,551,618.73 between August 2019 and October 2021.

Considering there are 22 months between August 2019 and October 2021, that would mean Asmongold made $115,982 per month from Twitch.

These earnings come from subscribers, advertisements, and bit donations.

This closely aligns with our Twitch Earning Estimations for Asmongold made using the information we have about Asmongold’s subscriber and viewer count on Twitch Tracker.

(keep in mind our estimations do not include donations)

How did Asmongold get started?

  • Asmongold’s interest in videos and the desire to create content came at a very young age, one of his oldest known videos is from 2005 when he was just 15 years old.
  • Asmongold’s first introduction to World of Warcraft was in 2006 at the age of 16. His interest in WoW sparked after watching a YouTube video featuring an undead mage build, after which, he decided to start his own undead mage build.
  • When Asmongold turned 18 in 2008, he started his first ever YouTube channel ZackRawrr where he uploaded funny content and WoW videos. Fun fact, he still uses the channel to this day to upload IRL content every now and then.
  • One of the first popular videos Asmongold ever posted was a video in 2010 where he showed of his ‘lair‘, showing off just how bad the state of his room was at the time.
  • In 2013, Asmongold cancelled his plans to go to college after his mom fell sick. During this time, he also created a new YouTube channel where he focussed solely on WoW videos and even included a facecam at the bottom. This was the start of Asmongold as we know him, and this is where Asmongold first introduced his personality into the videos he produced.
  • One year later, in 2014, Asmongold started streaming on Twitch. At the time, Asmongold had about 3000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • In 2017, Asmongold got partnered on Twitch and finally committed to streaming full time. He started the year streaming to an average of 2000 viewers which rapidly grew to 10,000 average viewers by the end of the year.
  • During 2018 – 2019, Asmongold continued to grow on Twitch and by the end of 2019, Asmongold was already streaming to 30,000 viewers on average.
  • On August 26 2019, Asmongold reached his peak viewers of 283,753 viewers at once.
  • In 2021, Asmongold had an average 54,087 viewers whenever he went live.
  • Asmongold went on a Twitch hiatus between October 2021 and January 2022.
  • In 2022, with the release of Lost Ark and Elden Ring, Asmongold’s channel has blown up and he is currently streaming to 69,268 average viewers.
  • In March 2022, Asmongold won the Streamer Award for best MMORPG streamer.

Want to see Asmongold’s Stream Setup?

asmongold stream setup

We’ve collected intel on every piece of Asmongold’s stream setup. Including his keyboard, microphone, and PC specs!

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Asmongold FAQ

Is Asmongold single?

Asmongold is currently single. In his last relationship, he dated fellow streamer Pink Sparkles.

Where does Asmongold stream?

Asmongold still streams on Twitch over at He did go on a bit of hiatus between October 2021 and January 2022 where he didn’t stream at all. However, he came back in February of 2022 and since the release of Lost Ark and Elden Ring he has not skipped a single day of streaming.

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