13 Best Twitch Thots of 2022 (Sexy Twitch Streamers)

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What is a Twitch Thot?

A Twitch Thot is an attractive female streamer on Twitch who isn’t afraid to leverage her body and act in a sexually promiscuous way in order to increase her viewers on the platform.

The term ‘Thot’ in ‘Twitch Thot’ originally derives from the definition ‘That Ho Over There’ and started floating around the web in 2012. It has surged in popularity in the last couple of years and become a meme amongst the male-dominated Twitch space.

Is Every Female Streamer Considered a Twitch Thot?

Hell no! Not every Female Twitch Streamer is considered to be a ‘Twitch Thot’. The large majority of female streamers simply enjoy playing video games and streaming online and do so without acting in a suggestive way.

For example streamers such as Pokimane, Valyrae and Lilypichu are not considered Twitch Thots as they would never revealing clothing or act in a certain way in order to increase their viewer count.

What are the characteristics Twitch Thot?

  • They wear revealing outfits and go to great lengths to ensure every part of their body is visible on stream
  • They often act dumb on stream and tend to make their voices higher
  • They stream in the ‘just chatting’ category
  • They tend to encourage subs and donations by performing squats and changing outfits
  • They frequently get banned for breaking Twitch TOS
  • Oftentimes they have an Onlyfans or Patreon where they share explicit pictures and videos with subscribers

For the record: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Twitch Thot or acting a certain way online. Everyone should be free to act and behave online in whichever way they want to.

This article is not meant to ‘shame’ anyone or the work that they do.

*If you wish to be removed from this list, contact us at [email protected]

The Best ‘Twitch Thots’ of This Year

Momo Okimoto

Momo Okimoto is a gorgeous Twitch streamer with 67k followers. On her Instagram page, she calls herself a thirst trap content creator.

Momo is also known as the girl that got picked by popular Twitch streamer DisguisedToast on the Austin Show ‘Love or Host’. Momo ended up picking ‘love’. Momo and Toast never started dating though.

She frequently gives her stream the title ‘doing e-girl things’. Most of her streams she is sitting on her bed in a cute outfit talking with her chat.


Sukiyuki3 is an attractive Asian Twitch streamer from Hawaii and a classic Twitch thot. In just about every stream she wears a daring outfit that usually focuses around her breasts. Suki changes her outfit a lot during streams (off-camera of course).

All of her streams are in the ‘just chatting’ category where she mainly chats with her audience and performs dances for them.

Sukiyuki3 doesn’t have an exact stream schedule. She usually streams at least once a week though.

She has a total of 152k followers on Twitch and is also popular on Instagram and TikTok. Oh and yes, she does have an onlyfans.


Katiabang is a Ukrainian streamer with 56k followers on Twitch. She’s known for her accent, cleavage and yoga poses on stream.


Enotishka18 is a Twitch thot who is known for her Russian accent and swimming pool streams.

She also often dances on stream, cooks on stream, broadcasts workouts, and chats with her audience in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

She has a total of 175k followers on Twitch and runs a Patreon where she sells 3 levels of access to her private pictures.


Kandyland is a popular Swedish Twitch streamer with over 416k followers and is known for her cute accent and her curves.

She does workout streams, cooking streams and ocassionaly plays video games as well.

Kandyland is very active on Twitch and often streams up to 6 days per week.

Lily Off Valley

This beautiful Twitch thot is known for her Russian accent, her workout streams, and swimming pool streams.

She used to be a teacher but is now a full-time Twitch streamer and lingerie model.

Lily Off Valley has 100k followers on Twitch and runs a Patreon where she sells 5 level of access to her private pictures.


Xoearial is a popular streamer on Twitch known for her dancing streams and broadcasting while in the hot tub.

She mainly does IRL broadcasts but sometimes live streams Call of Duty as well.

Xoearial is new to streaming but she has already accumulated 178k followers on the platform so I’m confident we’ll be hearing a lot more from this American Twitch thot.


Azra is a curvy Twitch thot known for calling her subscribers ‘daddies’ and writing their names down on her chalk board.

She streams only IRL content mainly from her bedroom but once in a while, Azra will do a hot tub stream as well.

Azra also does ASMR streams.

She has over 257k followers on Twitch and she’s popular on Instagram and TikTok as well. Azra also has an Onlyfans for exclusive content.


Nicole is a popular Twitch thot with over 356k followers on the platform.

She is frequently wearing crop tops that accentuate her breasts and short skirts with stockings on stream.

Nicole likes to do IRL streams where she talks with her chat and frequently broadcasts ASMR as well.

She’s done sleeping streams before where certain donations will trigger an alarm for her.

Nicole is still in college and streams 2 to 3 times a week on an inconsistent schedule.


NickyKittyxx is a relatively new Twitch thot who is known to dance, cook and do yoga on stream.

She’s also done pool streams and even broadcasted from her car. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe through goals such as 5 subs = squats on stream and 10 subs = an outfit change.

Nicky wears revealing outfits on stream that accentuate her breasts.

She has just 42k followers on Twitch which are less than most twitch thots on this list but I’m confident Nickykittyxx will grow a lot this year due to the suggestive nature of her streams. NickyKitty also has an Onlyfans.


Melina is a popular Swedish Twitch streamer with over 525k followers. This attractive streamer broadcasts from her bedroom and sometimes in the gym.

Melina also often takes her stream on a walk outside.


Supcaitlin is an up and coming Twitch thot with 20k followers on the platform.

She calls her viewers ‘sexies’. She hosts streams where she rates her viewers, talks with tier 3 subs on discord, and plays video games.

Caitlin frequently cosplays on stream as well.

She has a fanhouse where you can check out pictures she deems to spicy for Instagram.


Evaanna is a Russian Twitch thot with a following of 216k.

She is known for her Russian accent and workout streams where she frequently shakes her booty whenever someone subscribes.

Previously Banned Twitch Thots

Of course, not every Twitch thot gets away with all their actions. As these streamers are known to flirt with the lines of Twitch’s terms of service, many of them have gone too far and it sadly got them permanently banned.

Here are some examples of banned Twitch thots.


ZoieBurgher is the OG Twitch thot and was active around 2016 before she got permanently banned from the platform for breaking TOS.

She was known to twerk on Twitch and wear extremely revealing outfits.


Some Twitch thots take it a little too far, Lucia Omnomnom is such an example. She was permanently banned on Twitch after taking her bra of on stream.


AlisPrayers’ Twitch ban was controversional because she was banned for something that is actual allowed on Twitch.

As per Twitch’s TOS, body painting, which is what AlisPrayer was banned for, is allowed. Twitch even has a tag for body art. Her Twitch account still hasn’t been reinstated.

Final Words

That’s it! Those are the 13 hottest Twitch Thots you should be watching, following, and subscribing in 2021.

Please remember to be respectful in their chats, just because they wear suggestive clothing or act a certain way does not mean it’s okay to harass them.

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