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FeelsGoodMan meaning

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FeelsGoodMan is a BTTV emote for Twitch that is part of the Pepe the Frog family. This emote is the opposite of the FeelsBadMan emote.

The meaning of FeelsGoodMan is pretty simple: you feel good about something.

If a streamer pulls something off succesfully, FeelsGoodMan emotes are spammed in the chat. FeelsGoodMan can also be used whenever a story has a happy ending.

The phrase “Feels Good Man” is also part of Twitch slang and is commonly used by streamers.


In Valorant: After a 1v3 clutch – FeelsGoodMan.

FeelsGoodMan Origin

FeelsGoodMan finds its origin the same way other Pepe the Frog members find their origin, back in 2005, when artist Matt Furie first published his comic ‘boys club’ to his MySpace.

In this comic, the phrase ‘Feels Good Man’ is used by Pepe as a response to another character saying “Hey Pepe, I heard you pull yer pants down all the way to pee.”

From that point on, variations of the Pepe illustrations started popping up on the 4Chan messageboards. One of the popular uses was ‘feels bad man’ which was used whenever a story ended in a sad way.

Ever since its initial publishing, Pepe the frog has been floating around the internet but it wasn’t until 2015 that Pepe really became a mainstream and internet-wide meme.

In that same year, FeelsGoodMan was uploaded to BetterTTV as a universal emote. Universal emotes can be seen by anyone who has the BetterTTV browser extension installed.

Today, FeelsBadMan is widely used and counts over 161,493,294 uses on Twitch, the emote is the 21st most used BetterTTV emote.

Being the 21st most-used BetterTTV emote, FeelsGoodMan is slightly more popular than its opposite, the FeelsBadMan emote which sits at the 25th position.

How to use the FeelsGoodMan emote on Twitch

If you want to use FeelsGoodMan on Twitch, you will have to install the BetterTTV browser extension. Otherwise, just text will pop up for you.

  1. Go to BetterTTV.com select your browser and download the browser extension, you will then be able to see the FeelsGoodMan emote on supported Twitch channels.
how to see FeelsGoodMan on Twitch

If you wish to add the FeelsGoodMan and other emotes to your OWN Twitch channel, you can do so by signing in to BeterTTV using your Twitch credentials and authorizing your Twitch account. Next, you can head over to the emote list and add FeelsGoodMan to your Twitch channel.

Afterward, your viewers will then be able to use the FeelsGoodMan emote on your Twitch channel and they will be able to see it if they have FrankerFaceZ/BTTV installed as a browser extension (which the majority does already anyway).

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