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This Quick-FIX Guide will help you resolve the issue: Twitch Prime Subscription Not Yet Available.

Twitch Prime Subs are the holy grail of Twitch. They allow viewers with an active prime subscription to subscribe to one streamer for free every month. In addition to the benefits that the subscription provides for the viewer, the streamer also receives $2.50 for this subscription.

In other words, Twitch Prime Subs are fantastic for both viewers and streamers. They offer a free way to support a streamer even when you don’t have the funds.

But as good as Prime Subs are, they are not without flaws. One such flaw is that the prime sub does not always work. Sometimes you might not be able to use it. This Quick-Fix guide will help resolve these issues.

Why can’t I use my Prime Subscription?

There are a number of reasons why your Prime Subscription might not be available.

The #1 most common reason is that you are using a Student Prime Subscription, which only includes 1 Free Twitch Prime Subscription. Other common problems are:

Below, we go in-depth over every reason why your Twitch Prime Subscription might not be available for you.

1. Are you using Student Prime?

Students get access to Amazon Prime at a big discount. This gives them access to free shipping, prime video, and more. But not all benefits are included. While full memberships include unlimited Twitch Prime Subs, Student Prime subscriptions only include 1 Twitch Prime Subscription.

This means that you can only subscribe on Twitch once using a Student Prime subscription. If you want more subscriptions, you will have to convert to regular Amazon Prime.

Why does Amazon do this? They lose $2.50 for every Twitch Prime subscription. Since Amazon already loses a lot of money on Student Primes, losing an additional $2.50 per subscription, per month, would not be sustainable.

2. Check if your Amazon Prime Subscription is still active

One reason your Twitch Prime sub might not be available is that you don’t have an active Amazon Prime Subscription. Navigate to amazon.com/amazonprime and verify that your subscription is active. If not, re-subscribe to regain your Twitch Prime benefits.

If you are using someone elses’ Twitch Prime (friend/parent), check with them as they might have canceled Amazon Prime without telling you. Rendering Twitch Prime Sub Unavailable.

3. Check if you have Active Subscriptions on Twitch

You only have 1 free subscription with Prime Gaming every month. If you get the ‘Twitch Prime not yet available’ error message this might mean that your current subscription has not yet expired.

you should not have any active prime subscriptions otherwise Twitch prime will not be available
You should not have any active subscriptions on Twitch

Verify that you don’t have any active subscriptions at Twitch.tv/subscriptions. Should you have an active Prime subscription, you have to wait for that subscription to run out before you can re-subscribe using Twitch Prime.

4. Try using a different browser or device

Sometimes browsers bug out and return errors that shouldn’t be there. It’s very well possible you weren’t supposed to receive ‘Twitch Prime Unavailable’ but you did because of a small bug.

To check if this is the case, try again using a different browser or device. You’d be surprised how much you can fix with this simple trick!

5. Check your internet connection

Your connection might be the reason that Twitch Prime is unavailable to you. This is especially likely if you are running on a weak internet connection. Out and about and using mobile data? You might have to wait to subscribe till you get home.

If you are home, you can check whether your wifi connection is the issue by trying again over mobile data. Or alternatively, you can restart your router.

6. Wait for the issue to resolve

If you made it this far down the list and you can verify that none of these problems apply:

  • You are NOT using Student Prime
  • You have an active Amazon Prime subscription
  • You do not have an active Twitch Prime sub on Twitch
  • You have tried a different browser and/or device
  • You have a good WIFI connection

Then you might just have to wait it out. It is entirely possible that the real solution is out of your hands. For example, Amazon Prime servers might be down. In this case, there is nothing you can do but wait. Or the issue could be a bug on Twitch’s end.

7. Contact Prime Gaming Support

If you don’t want to wait out the issue, you can also contact Prime Gaming Support. This is the team that is in charge of everything revolving Prime Gaming, including Twitch Primes.

You might think to contact Twitch Support but they won’t be able to help you with this issue and refer you to Prime Gaming Support instead. You can find Prime Gaming Support here: amazongames.com/en-us/support/prime-gaming

Twitch Prime Unavailable – Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t resub, Twitch Prime sub has gone grey

Even if your previous Twitch Prime has ended, it can take a while before you can resub with Prime. In some cases, this can take up to 24 hours after expiration.

Twitch Prime Subscription is not showing up

If you can’t see your Twitch Prime Subscription when trying to subscribe, you might have forgotten to link your Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime accounts.

Here’s a Quick Guide on how to link Amazon and Twitch Prime.

Alternatively, you could be trying to subscribe using Twitch Prime from the mobile app which is not possible. This Quick Guide will help you subscribe using mobile.

How to Activate my Twitch Prime Sub

To activate your Twitch Prime subscription, you will have to merge your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts first. You can do this here: gaming.amazon.com/home.

Next, subscribe to your favorite streamer using the purple button and select ‘Free Subscription with Prime’.

If you need a more in-depth answer this Quick Guide will help you.

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