ForsenE Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

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ForsenE is the most popular emote on Twitch right now according to StreamerElements. This is surprising because ForsenE is not an emote everyone can use. ForsenE is a subscriber emote and can only be used if you’re subscribed to Twitch user Forsen.

Forsen, which goes by the name Sebastian Hans Eli Fors is a Swedish Twitch streamer who became known through streaming Starcraft ll and Hearthstone. Forsen is infamous on Twitch for having a big community which call themselves the ForsenBoys.

The ForsenBoys are often seen as a toxic fanbase due to their continuous spamming efforts on Twitch.

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What does ForsenE mean on Twitch?

ForsenE is a subscriber-only emote reserved for Swedish Twitch streamer Forsen’s subscribers. The emote contains a warped version of Forsen’s face. The emote doesn’t really have a meaning and is mainly used as spam by Forsen’s following.

Origin of ForsenE emote on Twitch

The reason ForsenE is the most popular emote on Twitch is that the community behind Forsen loves spamming. These fans have dedicated themselves to spamming the ForsenE emote in other streamers’ chats in order for it to remain on top.

Forsen’s community is also known for the slang word malding and known for making MonkaS emote so popular.

Another Forsen emote that is popular on Twitch is ForsenSVEN which is currently ranked third on Twitch according to StreamElements.

How to get ForsenE emote on Twitch

If you want to get the ForsenE emote on Twitch, since this is a subscriber-only emote, your only option is to subscribe to Forsen’s Twitch channel. You only need to do this once to gain access to the emote for life. You’ll also be able to use it anywhere else on Twitch.

When to use ForsenE on Twitch

If you feel like spamming Twitch, the ForsenE emote is just about the most toxic way you can achieve this.

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