GOXLR vs GOXLR Mini – Which is best for live streamers?

Last Updated on 03/15/2021 by Dean

What is a GOXLR?

A GOXLR is an XLR to USB interface which allows you to plug in an XLR microphone (such as the popular among live-streamers-Shure MS7B) and connect it to your PC through USB.

The cool thing about the TC-Helican GOXLR and GOXLR-mini is that they come with MIDAS preamplifiers built-in meaning you don’t need an additional cloudlifter to preamplify your sound.

What is the difference between the GOXLR and GOXLR mini?

When Helicon-TC came out with the affordable and compact MINI version of their popular GOXLR, they had to cut some of its features such as the voice effects and sampler buttons.

Basically, TC-Helicon chopped their original GOXLR in half and only left that which is most important to basic live streamers on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube.

Compared to the GOXLR, the GOXLR mini doesn’t have a power supply and can be completely powered through USB thanks to its smaller size and lesser functionality.

The GOXLR mini doesn’t have de-essers compared to the GOXLR.

Compared to the GOXLR, the Mini also doesn’t have motorized faders.

What is left the same between the GOXLR and GOXLR mini?

TC-Helicon didn’t change anything about the low-noise preamps that provide 72db of gain. This means that a quiet XLR microphone such as the Shure SM7B will work just as well with the GOXLR mini as it would with the original GOXLR.

Thanks to this 72db of gain, both the GOXLR and GOXLR mini don’t need an expensive external cloudlifter to provide an extra db gain and avoid hiss and background noise.

The sound quality between both the GOXLR and the cheaper GOXLR mini remains almost identical as TC-helicon left the noise gate, equalization, and compression the same.

Both models come with the exact same inputs and outputs that is:

  • XLR input (for XLR microphone)
  • Line in and Line out
  • USB port
  • Optical cable
  • microphone and headphone jacks

Both the GOXLR and GOXLR mini have 4 assignable audio channels that you can bind to the faders. This means that you can easily change the sound volume of your browser, discord, game sound and so on when live streaming at the flip of a switch.


Power supply?YesNo
Integrated MIDAS preamplifierYesYes
Audio faders44
Motorized fadersYesNo
Integrated TC Helicon vocal effects (Reverb, Delay, Pitch, Gender, Megaphones, Robot, Hardtune)YesNo
Phantom power+48+24
Integrated EQ, compressor and gateYesYes

Which is the best for live streamers, GOXLR or GOXLR Mini?

Both the GOXLR and GOXLR mini are great for live streamers on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Youtube.

Live streamers looking for a budget or compact set up will be best off using the GOXLR mini compared to the GOXLR as you’ll have identical audio quality for a much cheaper price and a smaller package.

Live streamers who want want to use fancy sound effects to spice up their streams, should go for the GOXLR.

If you ask me, the GOXLR mini is perfect for every streamer. You’ll get the same superior audio quality that TC-Helicon’s GOXLR is known for, for half the price!


Are GoXLR and GOXLR mini compatible with Mac?

As GOXLR requires windows software to run, the GOXLR is currently not compatible with mac. It’s unclear whether Helicon-TC is ever planning to create compatibility with mac os. It’s unlikely at this point as they target the live streaming market which is dominated by PC gamers.

Can I use a USB microphone with TC-Helicon GOXLR and GOXLR mini?

Yes, you can use a cheaper USB microphone (like a Blue Yeti) with the GOXLR and GOXLR mini but it won’t change any of your sound quality as if you were to simply plug it into your PC.

Do I need a GOXLR for an XLR microphone?

You need an audio interface to connect your dynamic XLR microphone with your pc. If you don’t want to buy a GOXLR you can get a different type of audio interface but you’ll likely need to buy an extra cloudlifter which will bump up the price.

Is the GOXLR easy to use?

Yes the GOXLR is easy to use and setup for live streamers. This mixer is far less technical then most audio interfaces out there which makes it a favorite amongst streamers who want to use a dynamic microphone without having to learn everything about audio interfaces.

There are many tutorials online that can help you set up your GOXLR for your stream.

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