Pokimane is The Highest-Paid Female Twitch Streamer in 2023

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In 2021, Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys is the highest-paid female streamer on Twitch. Over the many years she has been streaming, Pokimane has amassed over 7.4 million followers on the platform, has 8,328 paying subscribers, and consistently averages 20,000 viewers on her streams.

Her paying subscribers alone would make her $29,148 USD per month, considering she gets $3.50 per subscriber as a top-tier Twitch partner.

On top of that Pokimane also makes money from advertisements, donations (although she has them capped at $5 to encourage donators to donate to smaller streams), Youtube ad revenue, and other business activities.

A quick estimation, based on her average viewers, would tell us Pokimane makes about $4800 per month from Twitch advertisements.

That’s not all though. Pokimane is also wildly popular on Youtube where she posts highly-edited highlights from her Twitch streams and has amassed 6.51 million subscribers on the popular video streaming platform.

Social Blade stats show us that Pokimane makes up to $38,000 per month from Youtube Ad Revenue.

Adding everything up, we estimate that Pokimane, the highest-paid female Twitch streamer, makes an estimated $70,000 per month from subscribers and advertisements on Youtube and Twitch.

Other High-Earning Female Twitch Streamers


Popular Twitch Streamer Amouranth has 9,759 subscribers on Twitch according to Twitch Tracker. If we multiply this by $3.50 we conclude that she makes $34,156 USD per month from her Twitch subscribers alone.

Amouranth of course has many other income sources such as her ASMR and Vlog Youtube channels which have 860k combined subscribers.

And of course, Amouranth has very popular Onlyfans and Patreon accounts as well.


Twitch streamer LilyPichu has 4,253 subscribers on Twitch according to Twitch Tracker. This means she makes $14,885 USD per month from Twitch subscribers alone.

Lily also has a popular Youtube channel with 2.7 million subscribers which according to SocialBlade, brings in an extra $27k USD per month.


Twitch streamer Hafu has 4,429 subscribers on Twitch according to her stats on Twitch Tracker. Using this insight we can estimate that Hafu makes around $15501 USD per month from subscribers on Twitch.

Hafu has 296k subscribers on her Youtube channel, which according to SocialBlade, brings in an extra $19k USD per month.

Average Female Twitch Streamers Income

Of course, Pokimane is very popular (and rightly so!) and her numbers are way above the average.

For example, Pokimane receives 70% per subscriber as a Top-Tier Twitch Partner. Twitch Partners and affiliates with less than 10,000 average viewers receive just 50% of the subscriber fee.

While this may not sound like much of a difference, we’re still talking about a whole dollar per subscriber.

Don’t let these facts discourage you though, you can still make a lot of money as a Twitch streamer.

For example in a Ludwig video, he mentioned that a Twitch streamer with just 100 average viewers, can make up to $1500 per month from Twitch alone.

This makes sense if you consider that the average female Twitch streamer with 100 average viewers likely has around 150 – 200 subscribers. Good for $300 to $500 per month. 100 average viewers would likely bring in another $150 from advertisements.

The majority of the money for a smaller streamer comes from donations. For example streamer, Kandyland earns about $6.76 per subscriber according to a dataspot study.

Kandyland is far from a smaller streamer though but that’s good as smaller streamers are even more likely to get donations from their fans and viewers.

Even if we assume a $5 per subscriber ratio, that would still amount to $750 to $1000 for a female Twitch streamer with 100 average viewers.

Adding our calculations up, we can assume that a small female Twitch streamer with 100 average viewers can earn anywhere from $1200 to $1650 from Twitch alone.

How To Calculate Twitch Earnings For your Favorite Streamer

Want to find out how much your favorite female twitch streamer is making from her stream? You can easily do so using Twitch tracker! Here’s how:

  1. Look up your favorite Twitch streamer on Twitch Tracker, this will reveal their subscriber count
  2. Multiply the subscriber count by $2.50 or $3.50 (if they average more than 10,000 consistent viewers)
  3. That’s it! The result will display an estimation of how much your Favorite Twitch streamer earns from Twitch subscribers

How Much Do female Twitch Streamers Make?

On average, a female Twitch streamer with 100 viewers will make $1500 per month from Twitch.

Streamers with 1000 average viewers make $6000 per month and streamers with 10,000 average viewers make a minimum of $35,000 per month.

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