How to get Twitch’s new Ad Incentive Program

Last Updated on 11/14/2022 by Dean

So you’ve heard about Twitch’s new Ad Incentive program and want to get in yourself?

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen the tweets from creators who revealed their juicy incentives.

For example, @KingGothalian was offered no less than $21,383 as an ad incentive for running 3 minutes of ads per hour.

Those are insane numbers (Btw, that’s $763 per hour).

But there are also plenty of creators who are less fortunate…

Sweet Anita for example, received an incentive that required her to stream more but she would earn less.


What gives? It seems Twitch’s Ad Incentive program is good for some, great for a select few, and downright terrible for many.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Twitch’s new approach to Advertisements.

First, let’s look at the prerequisites…

Are Twitch’s Ad Incentives available to all streamers?

Currently, Twitch’s Ad Incentive program is invite-only and only available to Twitch Partners. This means streamers will have to wait until they qualify for the Ad Incentive Program.

Twitch can only provide their incentives if they have over 1 month of Ad Data on your account. So if you have only recently reached Partner status, you’ll have to wait to get the incentives.

If you aren’t partnered with Twitch, I’m sorry, but you will have to stick to Twitch’s original advertisement system until you make Partner.

Need some advice? Here’s a guide to help you grow on Twitch.

Should you opt in for Ad Incentives?

If you have been invited for Ad Incentives, congratulations!

Hopefully you are one of the lucky few who have incentives that start at 1 minute. If this is the case, by all means go ahead and opt in. It’s well worth it.

However, if you have excessive offers such as 5,6 or even 8 minutes I would think twice before opting in.

These numbers might not deter your current viewerbase (hopefully) but they will surely stunt your growth in the future.

In the end what is more important? A quick buck, or growing on the platform?

You should also be mindful that opting in means you will have automatic ads running on your account over which you have zero control.

Is the Twitch Ad Incentive going to kill Twitch?

One of the most worrying elements of the new Ad Incentive is that Twitch is offering streamers a lot of money to essentially screw themselves over.

Many of the incentives urge streamers to play more than 4 minutes of ads per hour. Some incentives even go up to 8 minutes per hour.

8 minutes of advertisements for every hour streamed is more than excessive. But when a lot of money is offered, plenty of streamers, especially small streamers will take the bait.

This has caused outrage from big streamers such as Asmongold (currently one of the biggest streamers on the platform) who predict this might have fatal consequences for Twitch and its streamers.

If you have watched a Twitch stream as of late, it feels like you are constantly being shoved with an advertisement in your face.

And I promise you, those streamers don’t even have close to 8 minutes of ads set up.

8 minutes is equal to 480 seconds or up to 32 advertisements per hour.

32 advertisements means you could potentially be served a small ad once every 2 minutes. That’s beyond insane.

Once streamers start implementing this due to the huge monetary incentives, this could result in a big loss of viewers for them. Honestly, who can stand this many ads?

Especially when it is near impossible to block ads on Twitch for free.

Furthermore, this cannot possibly be good for Twitch as a platform. We know they are hungry for money, having recently slashed the 70/30 revenue split of large creators but incentivizing more ads on a platform that is already super ad-heavy is excessive and cannot possibly be good for it’s growth.

Particularly now that Youtube is stepping up its game. How much longer before both streamers and viewers jump ship?

What’s worse is that these Ad Incentives force the streamers to set up automatic advertisements. Meaning they will have zero control over when the ads play and thus viewers might miss out on crucial moments in a live stream.

Imagine missing the ace-clutch from your favorite streamer simply because an automatic ad rolled in. Feelsbadman.

All around, I have mixed feelings about the Ad Incentive Program.

On the one hand, it can make creators good money but this is all to the detriment of their viewerbase and Twitch as a platform.

They should have rolled out the incentive program with a cap 4 minutes if you have to ask me.

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