How to get viewers on Twitch with no webcam

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While we are strong advocates of having a webcam on Twitch, it is possible to make it without one. One big example is Dream, who blew up on Twitch without ever showing his face.

Should I get a webcam for Twitch?

Whatever anyone tells you, you will always be better off with having a webcam on Twitch. Viewers are much more likely to stay in your stream if you have a webcam. Having a webcam allows you to express your emotions and creates a deeper connection with the viewers. Besides, viewers are used to seeing their streamers while they play games so you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage by not having one.

That being said though, there are many reasons why a streamer might not be comfortable having a webcam.

If you prefer not to show your face for privacy or anxiety reasons, do continue reading this guide as we have plenty of tips for you to gain viewers.

How to get a free webcam for streaming

If you want to be a streamer but cannot afford a webcam, don’t fret! You can turn your phone into a webcam!

Here’s what you should do instead.

Use your phone. Your smartphone is a perfectly fine webcam.

you can use your phone as a free webcam for twitch streaming

In order to turn your phone into a webcam, you’ll need to have a specific app that will turn them into a webcam.

For Android, this app is called Droidcam and it is 100% free to use.

For iOS, you have Epoccam which is available for $7.99 on the app store.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can opt for a budget webcam from Amazon or AliExpress.

You don’t need a $60 webcam. You don’t even need a 1080P webcam. What’s important is that your viewers will see you.

When you should not use a webcam on Twitch?

If you struggle with anxiety

you shouldn't use a webcam on twitch if you are struggling with anxiety

If the thought of having a facecam on stream gives you anxiety, don’t turn on your webcam. There is no point in forcing yourself to do something you aren’t comfortable with. Doing so will only stunt your growth as it might prevent you from turning on your stream at all.

It is entirely possible to gain viewers even when you don’t show your face. I recommend that you check out our alternatives to webcams below.

To protect your privacy online

if you prefer your online privacy, you should not have a webcam on twitch

Not everyone wants a public life. Many streamers hide their real identity while still using a webcam but this might not be enough if you truly want to protect your privacy online.

After all, there is no going back once you turn on that webcam. For this reason, you might be better off using no webcam at all or using an alternative.

Alternatives to no webcam streams

Use a vtuber model

If you don’t want to show your face on stream, you can use a vtuber model to represent yourself instead. And no, this doesn’t have to cost money! You can become a vtuber for free.

aiyana is a vtuber on twitch which is a great alternatie to having a webcam on twitch
Aiyana uses a vtuber model instead of her face to stream on Twitch | Image via Aiyana on Twitch

It doesn’t have to be elaborate either. Eggwick uses a very simple illustration as his avatar but it still works.

eggwick doesn't use a webcam on twitch, instead he uses a vtuber model to represent himself
Image via Eggwick on Twitch

His avatar compliments his personality and looks 10x better than not having a camera at all.

👉 How to become a vtuber on Twitch

Add an illustration on stream

A faceless stream looks so much more inviting when there is some kind of illustration on stream.

Notice this Japanese Valorant streamer on Twitch?

akarin uses an illustration instead of a facecam on twitch

Her name is Akarin and she doesn’t have a face cam but she does have an illustration that depicts her online persona representing herself.

This is a great alternative to vtubing. This illustration gives the viewers a feeling that they know who they are watching. Even if it is just an illustration.

How to get viewers when streaming without a cam

Here are some tips to make up for streaming on Twitch without a webcam.

Have a good quality microphone

If you don’t have a webcam, you have to at least make up for it by having good audio. Luckily, a quality microphone isn’t all that expensive. Many plug-and-play USB microphones are more than good enough for a beginner streaming setup.

👉 Check out our Budget Microphone Guide

You have to keep talking

When viewers can’t see you, they are much more likely to get bored with your stream. For this reason, you have to keep them entertained with your voice. While streamers with a facecam can get away with the occasional dead moment, you will have to put in more effort.

👉 Tips for how to keep talking on stream

Stream with your friends

Streamers who have made it big on Twitch without a webcam such as Dream, have done so primarily by leveraging their friends. A live stream with friends is far more entertaining than a solo stream. The fun conversations you have with your buddies will prevent your stream from ever being boring.

As an added bonus, streaming with companions helps with anxiety as it lifts some of the pressures that early livestreams tend to have.

Start networking with other streamers

Gaming with friends makes amazing content, doing so with other streamers is even better. When you collaborate with other streamers, you also gain access to their audience and vice versa. This is a great way to grow on Twitch.

To find other streamers to connect with, you can shoot them a message through their Twitch chat or contact them via social media. When contacting viewers with a similar viewcount, it won’t take long before someone bites as this is a WIN-WIN scenario.

Otherwise, you can also join some Twitch Communities to find other streamers to network with.

Need more info? 👉 How to network on Twitch

Play party games

Party games are a great way to grow on Twitch. They allow for lots of interactions and are always loved by viewers. Examples of party games are:

  • Among Us
  • Gartic Phone
  • Minecraft Servers

These are best played with a group of friends and/or streamers. If you don’t have an immediate friend group to play with, why not try to get a small streamer lobby together through Reddit/Discord? Small streamers who are serious about growing are always down to collaborate.

Play lesser-known games

As you are disadvantaged for not having a webcam, it would benefit you to focus on a small indie game instead of going for a big title.

TIP: use Twitch Strike to find lesser-known games.

Share highlights of your stream

spicyuuu earned viewers on twitch by posting highlights to her youtube channel
Spicyuuu blew up on Twitch through her TikTok highlights

One of the best ways to get viewers on Twitch even when you have no webcam, is to always upload highlights of your stream to TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.

I cannot stress enough how important sharing highlights is!

By uploading highlights to social media platforms, you are increasing your exposure and getting your name out there. Do you think names like Pokimane and Sykkuno became popular by only sticking to Twitch? Of course not! Most of their viewers likely know them from YouTube instead of Twitch.

YouTube and TikTok is where Twitch Streamers get discovered.


You don’t need to have a webcam to get viewers on Twitch. If you don’t want to reveal your face for anxiety or privacy reasons, there are perfectly fine alternatives such as vtubing or even having a similar illustration. Hopefully these tips will help you gain more viewers as a faceless streamer.

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