Is Twerking Allowed on Twitch…?

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Ever since the ‘Just Chatting’ category has come to Twitch, the landscape of Twitch has looked very different.

This new catch-all category intended for real-life chatting streams has become the go-to for many female streamers who want to stream on a platform like Twitch without having to play an actual video game.

Something you were previously banned for.

This just chatting category is the most viewed category on Twitch currently and has brought some interesting new streams to Twitch.

For example, we have streamers out there doing cooking streams, fitness streams, dancing streams and even sleeping streams are a thing now.

Which leads us to the question… “What isn’t allowed on Twitch now?”

Is Twerking Allowed on Twitch?

No. Twerking is against Twitch TOS and Twitch staff is known to ban streamers for this offense.

For example, streamer pink_sparkles received the ban-hammer DURING a stream where she started twerking.

Same goes for Twitch streamer LilyStella who was banned for shaking her butt during a side split as reported on Dexerto.

She even said  “Ok, I might get banned for that one.” after doing it, clearly showing she was aware of her upcoming ban.

Luckily for both of these women, neither of them were permanently banned and their channels are back up again.

Streamer ZoieBurgher was less fortunate as her Twitch account has been permanently banned for twerking.

What is Allowed on Twitch?

Are Revealing Outfits Allowed on Twitch?

Yes and no. Twitch requires their streamers to adhere to standard body-coverage expectations. Streamers won’t get banned for having a cleavage on stream as long as there is no actual nudity (i.e. nipples showing).

According to the Twitch TOS, you are allowed to wear a bikini or other swimwear on stream.

Apparently Twitch does count sports bras as lingerie according to this email sent to streamer Fareeha.

More recently, streamer Quqco was banned from Twitch for wearing a Chun Li Cosplay

Is Body Painting Allowed on Twitch?

Body painting counts as art and is allowed on Twitch provided that the artist covers their nipples on stream.

There is even a tag for body painting on Twitch.

Multiple streamers have been banned for doing body painting streams though.

This has led many smaller streamers to believe that Twitch uses automated software to ban non-partnered users even though Twitch says otherwise.

Is Sleeping Allowed on Twitch?

Surprisingly, there is currently no rule preventing you from sleeping on your Twitch stream.

In the past, twitch had a rule which prevented you from streaming ‘unattended content’ for longer than 30 minutes, which would mean sleeping streams are prohibited, however, that rule has since been removed from Twitch TOS.

Streamers such as Amouranth have previously slept on stream without a problem.

Is Drinking Allowed on Twitch?

Yes you are allowed to drink on stream as long as you don’t consume a dangerous amount.

What Do You Think?

Twerking is not allowed on Twitch and they will probably never change that rule as has many underage viewers on the platform.

Some things that are allowed on Twitch are:

  • Wearing revealing clothing (as long as there is no actual nudity)
  • Body painting (to an extent)
  • Sleeping on stream
  • Drinking on stream

Do you think Twitch is too lax or too harsh on their streamers? What do you think about twerking, should Twitch allow it?

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