Jebaited Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

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What does the Jebaited emote mean on Twitch?

Jebaited is a Twitch emote featuring the face of Alex Jebailey looking up in the air.

Jebaited basically means baiting out an opponent in a video game but it can also be used to troll or ‘bait’ a friend or Twitch streamer into doing somethng stupid on stream.

The satisfaction of feeling smarter than the noob you just tricked. Jebaited.

What is the origin of the Jebaited emote on Twitch?

It all starts in 2011 with Alex Jebailey a fight game tournament organizer and the face of the Jebaited emote.

Jebailey was friends with Ben Goldhaber who was part of the founding team on Twitch. He decided his friend should have a global Twitch emote, so Jebaited was born.

But this wasn’t the original picture of Alex Jebailey staring upwards we’re used to seeing today. It was a random picture of Alex posing as Randy Savage. That picture was then edited with a beard and sunglasses to make him look even more like Randy Savage and uploaded as an emote to Twitch. Jebaited was born.

At this point, the emote was still small and primarily used in the FGC (Fighting Game Community). During this time, Alex Jebailey himself had a habit of unmapping his buttons on his controller to confuse his opponents and baiting them into doing something stupid.

Fast forward to 2016 and Twitch contacted Alex Jebailey requesting a ‘higher definition’ version of the Jebaited emote because they were future-proofing their platform.

Jebailey and his manager went looking through their CEO photos and eventually landed on the perfect picture: Jebailey looking up at the screen with the crowd going nuts in the background.

Once the new emote was released to Twitch, someone posted the infamous Jebaited copypaste that went viral in the League of Legends community.

Kappa outdated, PogChamp overrated, long have we waited, now we Jebaited.

Long have we waited, Jebaited copypasta

After that, the emote and the word Jebaited skyrocketed in the Twitch community. As of 2021, Jebaited is the 64th most used emote on Twitch, according to stream elements.

Jebaited is nowadays part of Twitch slang and used whenever someone gets baited in a video or a streamer gets baited into doing something stupid on stream.

To this day, Alex Jebailey often takes pictures doing the Jebaited pose when fans ask for a picture!

Jebaited used on Twitch

Here’s an example of streamer Edison Park getting Jebaited by a viewer into playing the troll song ‘Chicken Attack’ on stream. This is a classic example of a viewer jebaiting a streamer and you can bet your ass the Jebaited emotes were spammed in chat during this moment.

Of course, the original meaning of Jebaited is not to troll a streamer but to ‘bait’ someone in a competitive video game. Below is a compilation of classic Jebaited moments.

When to use Jebaited on Twitch?

The Jebaited emote can be used in a number of scenarios. For example, Jebaited can be used after a streamer is trolled into doing something, for example playing a meme song on stream.

The Jebaited emote can also be used during esports when an opponent is baited into getting killed for example during League of Legends.

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