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kkatamina net worth
Real Name:Miyoung Kim
Date of BirthNovember 9, 1995
Age: 27
Net Worth: $1.5 million USD

What is Kkatamina’s net worth?

Kkatamina’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million USD.

How does Kkatamina make money?

Kkatamina is a popular Twitch streamer who is relatively new to the scene.

She rose in popularity in 2020 through Among Us and Minecraft streams where she joined OfflineTV and friends.

These days, she is known for her Valorant, TFT, and Minecraft streams.

Here’s a little run-down of how Kkatamina makes money:

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Twitch Earnings

As a partner on Twitch, Kkatamina makes money from subscribers, advertisements, and bit donations.


Kkatamina qualifies for the 70/30 sub split meaning that she keeps a minimum of $3.50 for every monthly subscriber that she has.


Kkatamina also receives money from advertisements displayed on her stream. We estimate this to be around $2 per 1000 views for most streamers.

streamer tip

Streamers have the ability to give their viewers advertisements as often as they want. However, for the most part, advertisement income only makes up a very small chunk of their monthly income.


Kkatamina also receives bit donations from her viewers. Bit donations are a built-in way for viewers on Twitch to donate (also called cheering) to a streamer.

On top of that, Kkatamina accepts regular donations as well through her streamelements tip jar.

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YouTube Earnings

As most Twitch streamers, Kkatamina is active on YouTube as well.

On YouTube, Kkatamina has 60k subscribers and she uploads about 2 to 3 times per month.

On average, videos will receive anywhere from 40 to 100k views.

streamer tip

On YouTube, one can make money through advertisements displayed on your videos. YouTube will pay between $1 – $3 for every 1000 views in the gaming category depending on the age and location of your viewers.

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Streamers often get paid by brands to promote products (apparel, peripherals, drinks, video games, etc).

Sponsorships can be a very good earner for streamers but are hard to track and estimate which is why we never include them when we estimate a streamers’ monthly earnings.

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Currently, Kkatamina does not sell merch.

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How much do Twitch streamers make?

how much do twitch streamers make

Interested to know how much Twitch streamers make? We’ve covered everything there is to know about the salary of Twitch streamers of every size, whether they are small creators who stream to less than 100 people or top-tier creators on the platform!

How much money does Kkatamina make from Twitch?

Kkatamina makes an estimated $10,426 per month from streaming on Twitch.

Here’s how this adds up:

…From Twitch subscribers

Currently, Twitch Tracker has insufficient data on how many monthly subscribers Kkatamina has on Twitch.

Once more data is available, we’ll be updating this article.

All we know at this moment is that she keeps at least $3.50 per individual subscriber and for her viewer count she should have anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 average subscribers.

This is good for around $7,000 to $17,500 per month from subscribers. But again, this is just an estimate based on her viewer count and we are still waiting on more accurate data.

During her subathon, Kkatamina reached over 65k subscribers on Twitch. This achievement alone is worth $227,500.

…From Twitch Advertisements

Miyoung streams to 5,847 average viewers every time she goes live. In a 30 day period, she has an average of 1,713,000 viewers. Considering a $2 CPM, we estimate that Kkatamina makes $3,426 per month from advertisements on her Twitch stream.

(source: Twitch Tracker)

…From Donations

Donations are very difficult to track and estimate. Streamers like Kkatamina can make anywhere from $2k to $5k per month from donations.

How much money does Kkatamina make from Youtube?

Kkatamina has 189,500 monthly average video views on her Youtube channel. Considering a $3 CPM, we estimate that Kkatamina makes $568,5 per month from advertisements on YouTube.

Source: We used Social Blade to calculate Kkatamina’s average monthly video views.

How much money does Kkatamina make per month?

kkatamina net worth

Kkatamina makes an estimated $11,000 per month from streaming on Twitch and uploading highlights to her Youtube channel.

Of course, Kkatamina has other income sources as well such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, donations, and other sources that we simply cannot estimate.

How did Kkatamina get started?

  • Kkatamina started streaming on Twitch on May 7th of 2020. On her very first stream, she had just 4 average viewers.
  • The following month, she became slightly more active and streamed for 13/30 days. Her average viewer count went up all the way to 87 viewers.
  • By the end of 2020, just Miyoung’s average viewercount rose all the way to 4,251 average viewers.
  • Miyoung saw rapid growth on Twitch thanks to her many collaborations with OfflineTV which houses some of the most popular streamers in the world including Pokimane and Disguised Toast.
  • These days, Miyoung streams to an average 5,847 viewers on Twitch.
  • Thanks to an uncapped subathon, in November of 2021, she became the most subbed female Twitch streamer.

Ref: https://Twitchtracker.com

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