KKona Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

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What does the KKona emote mean on Twitch?

KKona is a global BetterTTV emote, meaning anyone with the BetterTTV browser extension can see the emote when KKona is typed in chat.

KKona features the face of American streamer Konas ‘Kona‘ Korner and is most commonly used to mock an American streamer when they are being stereotypically American.

Basically, KKona is seen as a Twitch emote (and also Twitch slang) for hillbilly, Redneck, or (stereo)typical American.


American streamer plays GeoGuessr: “Do you guys even have running water or electricity in Ireland?” – KKona

What is the origin of the KKona emote on Twitch?

As mentioned earlier, KKona is based on OG streamer Konas ‘Kona‘ Korner. Konas is a streamer that has been streaming for over 17 years. He started back when Twitch.tv was stilled called Justin.tv.

The KKona emote is a cut-out of a picture that was taken at Comic-Con in 2010. In the picture, Kona is seen next to Danielle Spencer who starred in the What’s happening!! show.

You can see the original picture and hear Kona himself talk about the origin in this video.

In 2015, the KKona emote was uploaded to BetterTTV by NightDev (the team behind BTTV) and made a global emote, this means that anyone who has BetterTTV installed can use the KKona emote.

There are only a select few emotes that are global BTTV emotes, the majority of emotes used on BTTV have to be enabled by each individual channel owner and they are limited to 15 emotes in total or 50 if they upgrade their account.

When to use KKona on Twitch?

If a streamer is saying something stereotypically American on stream, spam the KKona emote.

How to get KKona emote on Twitch

If you want to see KKona on Twitch, you will have to install the Better Twitch TV browser extension.

  1. Go to BetterTTV.com select your browser and download the browser extension, you can then use and see the KKona emote. You’ll also be able to see other emotes provided that the channel owner has them enabled.

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Alternatively, you can also support Kona on Twitch and subscribe to his channel. By subscribing, you’ll gain access to the KKona subscriber-emote which is native to Twitch. You’ll also gain access to the Golden KKona emote which he uploaded to his channel as a dig at the Golden Kappa easter egg.

KKona Variant: KKonaW

A popular variant of the KKona emote is the KKonaW which was added to FrankerFaceZ browser extension in 2017.

Just like most ‘W’ emotes on Twitch, KKonaW is a close-up of the original KKona emote. KkonaW has the exact same meaning as the KKona emote and is just preferred by some viewers over the original.

The reason some zoomed-in emotes start with W is that SodaPoppin started this trend several years ago, the W stands for Wide and has since become a common naming for close-up emotes.

Why was KKona removed from Twitch?

KKona was never removed from Twitch. Actually, it was never really on Twitch (unless you are subscribed to Kona’s Twitch channel) The reason you can’t see ‘KKona’ is because you don’t have BetterTTV installed as a browser extension which is required if you wish to see the emote in chat.

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