Ludwig Net Worth, Age, Twitch Earnings 2023

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ludwig net worth
Real Name:Ludwig Ahgren
Date of BirthJuly 6, 1995
Age: 28
Net Worth: $15 million USD

What is Ludwig’s net worth?

Ludwigs estimated net worth is $15 million USD.

Who is Ludwig?

Ludwig Ahgren, or just Ludwig, as he is known in the streaming world, is a popular livestreamer and YouTube personality.

Aside from his successful livestreams, he also runs a YouTube news channel called Mogul Mail in which he mostly covers drama in the streaming space.

Today, it’s hard to imagine the streaming world without Ludwig. But he hasn’t always been part of this world, as Ludwig wasn’t really streaming full-time until 2019. From that point on, he achieved rapid growth (some of the fastest Twitch has recorded) and for a while he was known as the Golden boy of Twitch.

This mainly because he ran the most popular subathon of all time in 2021, from March 14 to April 13, in which he streamed himself full time (including his sleep) and only left the camera briefly to take showers or have some alone time with his girlfriend. During the subathon, Ludwig broke the subscriber record hitting 282,191 subscribers and made a grand total of US$1,434,850 (gross).

In November 2021, Ludwig signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming.

In 2023, Ludwig is a wildly popular YouTube streamer with 5.28 Million subscribers on his main channel (Ludwig) and 1.5 Million subscribers on his secondary channel, Mogul Mail.

How does Ludwig make money?

ludwig net worth, twitch earnings, age, girlfriend, everything revealed

Here’s a little run-down of how Ludwig makes money:

  • YouTube Earnings
  • Sponsorship Earnings
  • Brand Deals
  • Merch

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YouTube Earnings

Since Ludwig is both a streamer and content creator on YouTube, a big chunk of his monthly paycheck comes from YouTube.

Here’s a quick rundown of Ludwig’s earnings on YouTube:

  • Channel Memberships: this is similar to how Subscribers work on Twitch, with the exception that creators can set this amount to any amount they want. Ludwig has both a $0.99 tier and a $5 tier. For each tier, he gets a 70/30 revenue split: $0.75 and $3.50.
  • Advertisements: Ludwig has advertisements on his permanent channel videos but advertisements also run during his livestreams. YouTubers get a 55/45 cut from advertisement earnings.
  • Donations: viewers can donate to Ludwig while he is streaming. These donations are referred to as superchats and donating will highlight your name in the chat.

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Sponsorships and Brand Deals

Being a huge streamer broadcasting to tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, brands are happy to approach Ludwig for brand deals and sponsorships.

Sponsorships are one-off advertisements (e.g. promoting a video game on stream) and brand-deals are longer-term contracts (e.g. signing a contract with Red Bull).

P.s. We will not be including the money Ludwig makes from Brand Deals and Sponsorships in our estimations because these contracts are private and we don’t want to pull anything out of our ass.

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Ludwig has his own merch line called Mogul Moves, which he sells over at his website Mogul Moves is widely popular and the exclusive merch drops are always sold out instantly.

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How much money does Ludwig make Streaming on YouTube?

Ludwig makes an estimated $40k per month from streaming on YouTube.

Here’s how this adds up:

…From Channel Memberships (Youtube subs)

It’s not public information how many channel memberships Ludwig has, which makes it very hard to estimate his streaming earnings from YouTube.

When Ludwig was still streaming on Twitch, we estimated he made over $100k from his subscribers alone. Below is a screenshot of how many subscribers Ludwig had in the last 6 months he streamed on Twitch.

how much ludwig made on youtube compared to twitch
Screengrab from Twitch Tracker. Ludwig’s last 6 months of subscribers on Twitch. Source: Twitch Tracker

We can use this data to estimate how much Ludwig would make from channel memberships on YouTube.

However, we have to keep a couple of things in mind. Viewers are less likely to subscribe on YouTube than they are on Twitch for two reasons:

  • Twitch Prime subs don’t exist on Youtube. These allow Twitch viewers with an active Prime subscription to subscribe to their favorite streamer for free. About 25% of Ludwig’s Twitch subscribers were Twitch Prime Subs.
  • YouTube doesn’t have the same subscription culture Twitch has. Streaming on YouTube isn’t as mainstream as on Twitch, and Youtube viewers are less likely to subscribe because subscribing isn’t as appealing as on Twitch.

With that in mind, let’s start with the estimation.

On average, Ludwig had 29k subscribers on Twitch before he left. If we remove Prime Subs (25%) we’re left with 21,750 subscribers. Now let’s half that to account for the sub-culture on YouTube, we are left with 10,875 channel memberships.

At $3.50 per channel membership, we estimate that Ludwig makes $38k per month from channel memberships on YouTube.

…From Super Chats (Donations)

Thanks to, we can see exactly how much Ludwig earns from donations on YouTube.

In the last month, Ludwig made $2,005 from donations on YouTube.

Fun fact: in total, Ludwig has made $139,886 from donations since he started streaming on YouTube.

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How much money does Ludwig make from Youtube Videos?

Ludwig currently has two active accounts on YouTube: his main channel and Mogul Mail. On his main channel, Ludwig has an average of 128 million monthly views, and on his secondary channel, Ludwig has an average of 9 million views according to Playboard.

Thus in total, Ludwig’s videos (and streams) reach a whopping 137 monthly million views in total.

Considering a $3 CPM, we estimate that Ludwig makes an estimated $411K USD per month from Advertisements on both his YouTube channels.

How much money does Ludwig make per month?

ludwig net worth

In total, Ludwig makes around $451,000 USD per month from streaming on Youtube and uploading videos to his YouTube channel.

Of course, the actual number is likely higher as this does not include how much he receives from sponsorships (which we cannot estimate) and how much he makes from his merch drops.

How much did Ludwig get when he moved from Twitch to YouTube?

Ludwig moved from Twitch to YouTube on November 29th of 2021 after signing an exclusive contract.

While we have no exact data on how much YouTube paid to get Ludwig into an exclusive contract we do have an estimation for you.

On stream, Ludwig’s girlfriend QTcinderella revealed that the number behind the contract might be close to $30 million dollars.

Or you can watch the clip here.

Using text-to-speech donation, a viewer asked QT the following question:

Ok, blink when it hits Ludwig’s contract amount. 10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, 25 mil, 30 mil, 35 mil, 40 mil, 45 mil, 50 mil, wait really more than 50 mil?

Donator on QTcinderella stream

Between the 30 and 35 mil mark, QT is seen clearly blinking quickly.

This amount might sound hallucinating high but you have to understand that Ludwig was consistently ranked amongst the top of Twitch.

And in the past, these types of contracts have already occurred before when Mixer paid 30 million to get Ninja to sign an exclusive contract.

Whatever the real number is, considering Ludwig’s popularity, it is likely in the 8 figure range. Meaning his exclusive contract with YouTube most likely has provided the biggest jump in Ludwig’s total net worth so far.

How much did Ludwig make from his subathon?

On March 14th, Ludwig started his infamous subathon where he would keep his stream online for 15 more second for every new subscriber he gets. Little did Ludwig know he would later have to change that amount to 10 second per sub and cap the stream at 31 days because it looked like it might actually never end.

This meant that for 31 days straight, Ludwig broadcasted his entire life for millions of people to see. He slept on stream, worked out on stream, watched movies on stream, cooked on stream, ate his meals on stream, and even showered on stream.

Of course, streaming for such a long time, with SO many people watching, everyone tweeting about you, and even reaching the attention of mainstream media, you are bound to make a couple of dollars.

So naturally, people started to wonder how much he made from the subathon, and of course, a Reddit user that goes by u/raddog86 had to do the math for us.

He went all the way and created a spreadsheet counting every single subscriber Ludwig made. Also included in the calculations are the amount Ludwig made from mediashare, donations, and more.

how much ludwig made from his subathon

And if you’re wondering how legit this spreadsheet is, Ludwig frequently brought up the spreadsheet on stream and told everyone if and when there was an error to which the owner took notes and corrected the mistakes.

You can find the spreadsheet here. The original thread is here.

In total, Ludwig made $1,434,850.00 USD from the subathon. Once you take away paying the moderators, donations to charity, the gifted subs, and taxes, Ludwig was left with $209,021.37 USD.

While some believe that he paid his moderations too much money and he gave away too much to charity, Ludwig himself said that the publicity that came from this subathon (and the sponsorships) is worth a lot more than the actual money he made.

How did Ludwig get started?

  • Ludwig has always been the class clown, he even won the mister high school competition in his high school for being such a good performer. This was also the moment he realised how much he loved performing.
  • Ludwig loved watching Call of Duty YouTubers and it inspired him to purchase an HD PVR capture card and post content to his very first YouTube channel. He later abandoned the project as he felt like he wasn’t being himself in the videos was trying to emulate other YouTubers.
  • While attending Arizona State University, Ludwig attempted to join the acapella group, the comedy club, and an improv group, none of which deemed him worthy of joining. At the comedy club audition, he met someone who had the idea of starting their own comedy club full of rejects which Ludwig eventually joined. While it took them a while to take off, when Ludwig’s final semester came around, they were continuously performing in front of over 100 people.
  • During college, Ludwig really got into Smash Brothers Melee which was very popular on Twitch. After a while, Ludwig became a commentator for the videogame and dreamed of becoming a Twitch streamer himself. His girlfriend at the time was very much against the idea of video games as a career.
  • After breaking up with his girlfriend, Ludwig started attempting Smash tournaments all over the country. This caused Ludwig to meet Slime while commentating together and they became a dynamic duo. At the time, Slime had a podcast called ‘Bad Melee’ and invited Ludwig over. Being on the podcast inspired Ludwig to chase his dreams of creating content.
  • He applied to a bunch of companies in New York and LA and got 1 interview out of hundreds of applications. After driving over to LA for the interview, he got the job and was fired just a couple of months later for messing up a story.
  • At the end of November 2017, Ludwig started streaming on Twitch for the first time. He had 3 viewers on his first stream as some of the people knew him from commentating smash brothers melee. He streamed for about 10 times and got a job offer from Snapchat at which point he quit.
  • On April 20th, Ludwig was fired from Snapchat, this time because the management of Snapchat deemed his team to be unnecessary.
  • He then spends an entire month applying to jobs and on May 16th of 2018 he decided to say fuck it and pursue content creation once more. He started streaming on Twitch and had 16 average viewers in the month of May.
  • His viewer base would pick up the next month (June 2018) to 25 average viewers and that’s when he started making some money. He made $281 that month from subscriptions.
  • In July of 2018 (just three months into streaming!), he had 50 average viewers and made $530 from subscribers.
  • Fast forward to November of 2018 and Ludwig was now streaming to an average of 281 viewers is now a Twitch partner and made $3,023.88!
  • After being fired once again, on February 16th, 2019, Ludwig became a full-time Twitch streamer.
  • His viewerbase continued to pick up and by the end of 2019, Ludwig was streaming to an average of 3000 viewers.
  • Ludwig blew up in 2020 and his viewerbase grew to 10,000+ average viewers.
  • In 2021, Ludwig held a record-breaking 31-day subathon and became the most subscribed Twitch streamer EVER with 283,066 subscribers, beating Ninja’s record.
ludwig subathon
  • In October 2021, Ludwig started a new YouTube channel: Mogul Mail where he uploads news-style videos about the world of streaming.
  • In December of 2021, Ludwig moved from Twitch to YouTube after signing an exclusive contract with them.
  • In September of 2022, the Mogul Mail YouTube channel is nearing 1 million subscribers. The channel has really taken shape and is gaining 8 million viewers per month.

If you want to hear his story from the man himself, here’s the story of Ludwig.

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