Quackity Net Worth, Age, Twitch Earnings 2023

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quackity net worth
Real Name:Alexis
Date of BirthDecember 28, 2000
Age: 22
Net Worth: $3,000,000 USD

What is Quackity’s net worth?

Quackitys estimated net worth is $3,000,000 USD.

How does Quackity make money?

Quackity is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is part of the Dream SMP server and known for hosting Discord’s got Talent and raiding video games such as Roblox and Club Penguin.

Here’s a little run-down of how Quackity makes money:

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Twitch Earnings

On Twitch, Quackity has 3.5 million followers and makes money through subscriptions, donations and advertisements.

For every subscriber a Twitch streamer gets, they’ll keep 50%. Considering the majority of subscriptions are tier 1 subscriptions ($4.99/mo), Quackity makes about $2.50 per subscriber.

Quackity also accepts donations through Twitch bits and an external Streamlabs tip jar.

And finally, Quackity will earn some money from advertisements which are placed on his Twitch streams. These advertisements are estimated to bring in $10 for every 1000 average viewers on a Twitch stream.

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YouTube Earnings

Quackity has a YouTube channel with 5.4 million subscribers. This channel has a highly irregular upload schedule and receives about 5 million views per video on average.

His secondary channel has 2.5 million subscribers and he uploads about once to twice per week on this channel. On average, these videos get about 1 million views each.

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Quackity doesn’t sell any merch at this time.

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How much do Twitch streamers make?

Interested to know how much Twitch streamers make? We’ve covered everything there is to know about the salary of Twitch streamers of every size, whether they are small creators who stream to less than 100 people or top-tier creators on the platform!

How much money does Quackity make from Twitch?

Quackity makes an estimated $55,000 per month from streaming on Twitch.

Here’s how this adds up:

…From Twitch subscribers

Quackity does not allow tracking services such as Twitch Tracker to track how many subscribers he has. Considering how big he is, and when we compare it to friends such as Sapnap (12,000 subs), and GeorgeNotFound (15,000 subs), Quackity likely has about 15,000 – 20,000 subscribers on Twitch.

Using this information, we estimate that Quackity makes $37,500 to $50,000 per month from Twitch subscriptions.

…From Twitch Advertisements

According to Twitch Tracker, Quackity has had 165,000 average viewers in the last month and was active for 6 out of 30 days. Using this information, we estimate that Quackity makes $1650 per stream or $9,900 per month from Twitch advertisements.

…From Donations

Donations are hard to estimate but a streamer the size of Quackity can easily make $1000 in donations from a single stream.

How much money does Quackity make from Youtube?

According to Social Blade, Quackity’s primary YouTube channel brings in 16,000,000 monthly video views on average. His secondary channel brings in an extra 18,000,000 monthly video views.

Considering video game YouTubers can make $1 – $2 per 1000 views, Quackity likely makes an estimated $34,000 to $68000 per month from YouTube advertisements.

How much money does Quackity make per month?

Quackity makes an estimated $90,000 per month from streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to his YouTube channels. This estimation does not take into account any other income sources that Quackity may have such as sponsorships.

How did Quackity get started?

  • Quackity’s obsession with YouTube started from a very early age, he created his very first YouTube channel at 7 years old.
  • After abandoning his initial YouTube venture, Quackity started another YouTube channel in 2013. He was 12 years old at this point and this would eventually become the channel we know today.
  • His very first videos were funny commentaries of the game Toon Town, these videos can still be found on his YouTube channel.
  • Quackity started streaming on Twitch in 2014.
  • In a 6000 subscriber special, Quackity raided Toon Town Rewritten and crashed its servers on stream. The success of this stream led to him hosting many other raids on games such as Club Penguin, Roblox and Animal Jam.
  • In 2016, Quackity reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Over the next couple of years, Quackity would continue to grow and eventually even start featuring a facecam in his videos.
  • In 2019, Quackity hosted the first widely popular ‘Discord’s got Talent’ featuring popular YouTube personalities such as MrBeast and KSI.
  • In August 2020, Quackity joined the Dream SMP Minecraft server. After joining, his popularity on Twitch exploded.
  • Today, Quackity is considered one of the biggest Twitch streamers out there, even though he doesn’t stream that much at all! But when he does go live, he streams to over 150,000 viewers.

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