StreamerPlus Review 2023 — Is this service a scam?

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This is a comprehensive review for StreamerPlus.

StreamerPlus is a Twitch viewbotting service that allows one to boost their viewercount on Twitch and appear more popular and succesful.

In this review you’ll learn:

  • Is StreamerPlus a scam?
  • Does StreamerPlus work?
  • Is this service safe to use?
  • What are the reviews for StreamerPlus?

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First things first:

what makes a viewbot service a scam?


On the backend, a Twitch viewing bot is not much more than a server that runs a few lines of code that open your Twitch channel multiple times (however many you ordered) and does this using proxies (different IP addresses to avoid detection).

These view botting companies rent Ip Addresses from other companies. Proxies are sold for just about any price but cheap (or even free) proxies are most likely to be flagged which could lead to the views not showing up.

Some viewer bot services use these cheap proxies and it leads to live views not showing up.

Many of these scam services, don’t have support either (or rely on very slow email support).

Services can always fail, but if they don’t have live chat support available for a service that literally sells live views, that may not be the service you’re looking for.

And last but not least, a Twitch viewbot service should ALWAYS refund your money if live views DON’T show up. If they don’t, they are a scam.

So TL;DR, viewbotting services are a scam when:

  • Live views don’t show up
  • They don’t have proper support to help you out
  • They don’t refund your money when their service doesn’t work

StreamerPlus Review

What is StreamerPlus?

StreamerPlus is a Twitch viewbotting and follower service that allows you to boost your popularity on Twitch… by sending bots to your stream.

Yes these are bots, not real people.

Using a service like StreamerPlus helps streamers out in a ‘fake it till you make it’-type fashion but doesn’t add more than that.

On StreamerPlus you can do two things: buy followers (again, not real followers) or buy live views.

By buying followers, you can appear more popular and some streamers believe this will entice more people to follow them. It can also be used to boost your follower count to over 50 so you can apply for Affiliate Status.

By buying live views, you can appear more popular while you’re live and boost your position in the Twitch directory. Since Twitch displays the channels on their website chronologically, the more viewers you have, the higher you’ll rank, and thus the more people will find your channel.

How StreamerPlus works

StreamerPlus works as follows:

  • Create an account
  • Pick a service: followers or viewers
  • Select a package (e.g. 100 viewers)
  • Add your Twitch channel name
  • Pay for the service

That’s it. StreamerPlus has no fancy dashboard that allows you to modify exactly how many viewers you want at all times, something that is available within Viewerlabs.

As StreamerPlus comes very bare-bones with minimal features, I give them 2 stars for functionality.

StreamerPlus pricing

Unlike many other view botting services, StreamerPlus does not have monthly plans. Each and every plan on StreamerPlus is a ‘single-use’ service.

Here is what you’ll pay for followers.

streamerplus pricing for followers

And below is what you’ll pay for live views.

streamerplus pricing for live views

Note that you’ll only receive 60 minutes of stream time with every offer. Since most streamers stream for at least 3 hours, you would need to purchase this service twice more WHILE on stream.

Clearly they didn’t think this pricing pattern through.

You also won’t be getting any chatters when purchasing a live views plan. So you’ll have hundreds of live viewers but no one will be talking, which will look very suspicious…

For pricing, I give them 1/5 stars because it simply doesn’t make any sense. 1 hour is a ridiculous time frame and on top of that there is no way to control the viewers, they all come in at the same time. You also don’t get any live chatters which will make it very obvious you’re viewbotting.

StreamerPlus support

Viewbotting sometimes simply doesn’t work and views don’t always shop up. This happens to the best view botting services out there. Since you’re paying for ‘live views’ you need instant support to help you out.

A 24/7 live chat is almost a must for such a service, wouldn’t you say?


The only way to contact StreamerPlus is through their ‘contact’ link, which is not even a live chat, it is a simple form.

how to contact streamerplus in case you need a refund or the live viewers aren't working

Since they didn’t reply to my support message, I give them 1 star for support.

What is the refund policy? Will I get my money back?

StreamerPlus has a refund policy…

But only when purchasing followers? Here’s what we found on their refund policy:

streamerplus won't refund money to you if you don't get your live views

Nowhere does it mention live views, only if you don’t receive followers, will you get your money back.

My guess is that they feel they don’t need to refund your money for live views, because there is no way for you to prove that you didn’t get them.

Refund policy: 2/5 stars.

StreamerPlus reviews – what does the community say?

Before you purchase a service, it’s always worth looking at the reviews to check whether anyone has gotten scammed or not.

On Trustpilot, StreamerPlus has 48 total reviews.

Streamerplus reviews on trustpilot are bad

And StreamerPlus has a total rating of 2.1 out of 5… Yikes.

19% of the reviews on StreamerPlus are 5 stars and 79% of the reviews are 1 star reviews.

Here are some of the reviews if you were wondering.

1 star review for streamerplus
1 star review for streamerplus
1 star review for streamerplus
1 star review for streamerplus

The reviews go on like this. If you want to read them for yourself, you can do so here.

Most people claim the service is a scam.

Here are some of the main concerns:

  • Underdelivering live views, live views dissapearing after a certain amount of time
  • Customer support doesn’t reply
  • No confirmation email after purchase
  • Account deleted after complaints
  • Orders not received
  • The list goes on

Pros of using StreamerPlus

  • Buying followers from StreamerPlus is easy and cheap

Cons of using StreamerPlus

  • Only 60 minute live views
  • No chatters for live views
  • No live chat support in case you run into problems
  • No refund policy for live views

Final Rating

Here’s how I graded StreamerPlus…

  • Functionality: 2/5
  • Pricing: 1/5
  • Support: 1/5
  • Refund policy: 2/5

Total: 1.5/5 stars

Should you use StreamerPlus?

Absolute not. This service has so many bad reviews you should 100% steer clear from it and opt for an alternative service if you really need a viewbot for Twitch.

Many of their customers are complaining about their support, underdelivering live views, not receiving their order and so much more.

Here’s what you must know:

  • Live views are only for 60 minutes
  • There are no chatters
  • There is no live support
  • There is no refund on live views

Clearly, StreamerPlus is a service to avoid at all costs.

Alternatives to StreamerPlus

I’ve reviewed a bunch of Twitch view botting services and rated them on a 5-star scale. So far, no view botting service has made it over 3 stars.

Viewerlabs3 stars
Views.run1.5 stars
Streambot0.5 stars
ViewerBoss1.5 stars

Are viewing bots for Twitch even worth it…?

We don’t recommend using a viewing bot for Twitch for a number of reasons…

  1. By view botting, you are risking a permanent ban on Twitch. This means you would never be able to become an affiliate or partner on the platform and make money from Twitch.
  2. Not only that, but you are also risking your reputation. As I hopefully have sufficiently explained throughout this article, view botting is painstakingly obvious. You don’t want to be known as a viewbotter if you aim to make any type of career on Twitch.
  3. You could get scammed. The large majority of these view botting services that charge a lot of money to increase your viewer count, don’t actually deliver. The reviews of each of these services are painfully bad. If you don’t have money to blow, don’t purchase a viewbot.
  4. Viewbotting will make you lazy. Think about it, if you can achieve artificial views at the press of a button? Why would you ever bother not cheating? Why would you bother establishing a presence on social media and creating an audience for yourself when you have made everything SO easy on yourself?

We believe view botting will do a Twitch channel more harm than it will do good.

If you still want to learn more about view botting on Twitch, you can check out our full View Botting guide below.

What is an alternative to StreamerPlus?

If you really need to use a view botting service for Twitch (something we don’t actually recommend you do) you should use Viewerlabs instead.

Viewerlabs is the one service we reviewed, that actually seemed to deliver what we paid for AND had 24/7 live chat available!

Viewerlabs has weekly, monthly and single-use plans available.

But the best part… They have a 30 minute free trial so you can test out the service!

The only issue we found with them was that they underdelivered live views, something we accepted, as they were one of the few services that actually worked.

You can read our Viewerlabs review for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StreamerPlus safe to use? Can it get me banned?

Any viewbotting service can result in a ban from Twitch.

Why is StreamerPlus not working?

StreamerPlus has many reports for underdelivering views and not fulfilling orders at all. If you find the service doesn’t work for you, try to contact their support and ask for a refund. If you paid through PayPal, file a chargeback.

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