Best VTubers To Follow on Twitch in 2022

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Vtubers are quickly growing in popularity and I believe they will make up a big part of our future.

The vtuber trend is very exciting and if you’re looking to get into these types of Twitch streamers, this is the article for you.

In this article I will cover the top 5 Twitch Vtubers you should be watching in 2021.

But first, let’s talk about the term vtuber and what exactly it means.

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What is a Twitch Vtuber?

Vtuber or Virtual YouTuber is a content creator who uses a virtual character that mimics their real-life movements.

The term first originated in Japan where Japanese content creators would use anime-inspired avatars instead of their own faces.

The concept quickly picked up and eventually, Twitch streamers started picking up the trend.

According to Wikipedia, there are currently more than 10,000 active vtubers!

The Vtuber trend opens up a whole new world for content creators as entertainers are no longer bound and limited to their physical appearance when appearing on camera. They can be whichever gender they want to be, they can modify their body-type, they can become anything they want and assume an alternate identity.

Many vtubers don’t reveal their real identities and the beauty of this trend is that you don’t have to!

While the vtubers remain very niche, I expect it to pick up a lot in the next couple of years.

For example, popular Twitch streamer LilyPichu has picked up a vtuber avatar when she doesn’t feel like showing her face on stream.

Top 5 Vtubers on Twitch in 2021

1. CodeMiko

CodeMiko is probably the biggest VTuber on Twitch at this point. She has seen rapid growth recently and absolutely deserves the top spot on the list due to the massive effort put into creating this Vtuber by ‘the technician’, the real person controlling her.

The technician, who’s real name is unknown, developed CodeMiko entirely herself.

CodeMiko is a full-body vtuber with an interactive background (she can even break things!). It’s super impressive and exciting to see how much work was put into CodeMiko.

She’s even designed to be ‘Quasi-Interactive’ which basically means that her viewers can control her appearance. For example, during every stream, she is seen wearing a crop top that continuously displays words from her chat.

CodeMiko’s technician often does IRL streams as well which can be shocking as she switches from the ‘dumbed-down’ vtuber to the intelligent technician.

CodeMiko isn’t your typical vtuber and if you’re into wholesome anime waifu’s you should probably skip to the next streamer on this list but she’s definitely very interesting and worth checking out!

Hi there, I’m Miko! I am a bit glitchy but wholesome! I’m a game character who failed pretty much due to my glitch. My glitch is a corruption in my file and it completely changes my personality. Don’t listen to anything my glitch says.

CodeMiko Twitch bio

1. CodeMiko

  • 536k+ followers
  • Full Body Vtuber

2. IronMouse

IronMouse is one of the most well-known VTubers on Twitch with a following of over 1.1 million! She describes herself as your snarky and sweet 2-D anime Waifu.

So if you love cute, wholesome anime girls, she’s the VTuber you’ll want to check out.

Just like many Twitch VTubers, IronMouse tends to dumb herself down for her audience.

Here’s how she describes herself on Twitch:

Your sweet, wholesome and weird Demon Queen of the Underworld…S… I came to the internet and the human world in order to live, have fun and absorb soul energy through my streams in order to keep me alive. I am a variety vtuber/vstreamer that loves to sing, play games, and draw for fun.

IronMouse Twitch bio

This vtuber is very entertaining and talks with her chat a lot so if you want to feel included, this is the place to be!

IronMouse loves playing games such as Among Us, Black Desert, Fall Guys, Final Fantasy, and more!

She’s so adorable and SO nice I’m sure you’ll adore her, give her some love!

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2. IronMouse

  • 1.1m+ followers
  • Anime Waifu

3. Nyanners

Natasha Nyanners is yet another adorable anime waifu

Helo! my name is Nyanners and I like to sing and voice act! I also enjoy video games even though I suck, and I like anime (no way!!!!!!) My favorite food is curry. I get sick a lot and I have a fragile soul.

I hope we can all have a comfy stream together and have a chill time.

Nyanners Twitch bio

Natasha loves to host ‘just chatting’ streams where she actively engages with her audience. She also streams games such as Bloodborne and Final Fantasy.

You can watch Nyanner on Twitch from Tuesday to Friday, usually at around 2PM PST.

3. Nyanners

  • 365k+ followers
  • Anime Waifu

4. VeiBae

VeiBae is a cute British VTuber with a Polish accent who is known for her voice.

She oftentimes switches up her outfit.

She claims to be vulgar and says she probably holds the world record for how many swear words she can fit in one sentence.

Her streams are definitely NSFW so if you’re into that…

VeiBae mostly streams in the just chatting section where

She mostly streams Wednesdays Through Saturday.

4. Veibae

  • 216k+ followers
  • NSFW Vtuber

5. Silvervale

If you’re looking for a breasty VTuber on Twitch, Silvervale is your best bet.

This lovely streamer describes herself as a pastel goth VTuber that’s addicted to video games, has a terrible sense of direction, and a brain made of jello.

She also describes her channel as a blend of ‘wholesome’ and ‘lewd’.

???? I’m a pastel goth sakura spirit addicted to video games with a terrible sense of direction. I came to the human realm to make friends and spread joy! I hope my childlike sense of wonder can help encourage you to appreciate the little things in life! Enjoy the cozy vibes! ????

Silvervale Twitch Bio

Her favorite game genres are MMOs, Horror, Survival and all around ‘Comfy Games’.

She streams from Tuesday to Friday starting at 9PM CST.

5. Silvervale

  • 118k+ followers
  • Breasty Vtuber

Which VTuber are you watching on Twitch?

So that’s our list of best VTubers to watch and follow on Twitch in 2021! I hope you found some new vtubers to check out.

Here’s the list once more:

  1. Codemiko
  2. Ironmouse
  3. Nyanners
  4. Veibae
  5. Silvervale

Also If you’d like to find some underrated Twitch Vtubers here’s a little list:

Go give these streamers some love!

Do you know any Twitch vtubers that didn’t make this list? Comment them below!

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