Review 2023 — Is this service a scam?

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This is a comprehensive review for

But does this service work?

In this review you’ll learn:

  • Is a scam?
  • Does work?
  • Is this service safe to use?
  • What are the reviews for

If you don’t want to read through the review, you can [skip to our conclusion]. Review

What is is a viewbotting service for Twitch. This means you can use this service to boost your live views artificially.

Say you usually stream to 0 viewers, you can use to bump this number to 100!

Of course, these viewers aren’t real, they are bots.

But hey, who needs to know that…

On top of that you can also get chatters which will interact with your stream, but since these are also bots, they can appear very spammy and unnatural.

How works

The way works is fairly simple.

  1. You sign up and create an account
  2. You purchase a key (single use or 30 day)
  3. You enter the key into the dashboard and add your Twitch channel link
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes for views to show up pricing sells both single-use keys and monthly plans.

For about $5, you’ll get a key for 10 hours that will get you 100 viewers.

If you want to get more than 100 live viewers, and you want to get chatters as well, you’ll need to opt for a monthly plan.

The monthly plans start at $50 for 100 viewers. And go up to $340 for 1000 viewers.

The pricing for is affordable, especially when compared to other view-botting services out there. 4/5 stars. support

As part of this review, I attempted to contact their support.

In the dashboard, there is a 24/7 live chat button which looks very promising. has no support

But when you try to click on the button, nothing happens.

No matter whether you use a desktop or a mobile device, the button leads nowhere.

On the footer of their website, they have a link to their support as well. has no support

But again, this button leads nowhere.

This reminded me off my StreamerPlus review, which had exactly the same problem, a live chat button that lead to nothing.

Since I can’t contact them, I have to give them 0 stars for support.

What is the refund policy? Will I get my money back?

I couldn’t find a refund policy page anywhere on the website.

Not a good sign. But I guess it makes sense since they don’t have support either. Who would you have to contact if you need a refund…?

Sometimes, companies would place a refund policy within their privacy policy, so I decided to look there.

But then I noticed… doesn't have a refund policy

The ‘terms of service’ and ‘privacy policy’ links in the footer, lead to nowhere.

This website doesn’t even have a privacy policy or terms of service, clearly, this is not a legitimate company…

0/5 stars for refund policy. reviews – what does the community say?

On Trustpilot, only 7 people have reviewed

This indicates that this view botting service is likely to be pretty new.

In total, has a 2.3 rating.

review of viewbot

This doesn’t really make sense because 100% of the reviews for are 1-star reviews…

Clearly the real rating for this service is 1 stars.

Below are some of the reviews left by customers of

review of viewbot
review of viewbot

Here’s what I gathered from the reviews:

  • Support is never online
  • This service does not give out refunds
  • There is massive under-delivery
  • The service simply doesn’t work
  • Every reviewer seems to claim this service is a scam

Pros of using

  • Nothing

Cons of using

  • Underdelivery of live views
  • No support
  • No refunds

Final Rating

Here’s how I graded…

  • Functionality: 2/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Support: 0/5
  • Refund policy: 0/5

Total: 1.5/5 stars

Should you use

We do not recommend that you use

While this service appears cheap, offering $5 single-use keys which will give you 100 views, this doesn’t seem like a company you should be ordering from.

Aside from the terrible 1-star reviews found online claiming is a scam, they have no refund policy and no support.

The website looks like it was set up quickly with many of the links missing (privacy policy, terms of service, support, etc) indicating once more that this is not a legitimate service.

Even at the top of the website, they say they are experiencing issues with underdelivering views.

They don’t even have any confidence in themselves!

Alternatives to

I’ve reviewed a bunch of Twitch view botting services and rated them on a 5-star scale. So far, no view botting service has made it over 3 stars.

Viewerlabs3 stars
StreamerPlus1.5 stars
Streambot0.5 stars
ViewerBoss1.5 stars

Are viewing bots for Twitch even worth it…?

We don’t recommend using a viewing bot for Twitch for a number of reasons…

  1. By view botting, you are risking a permanent ban on Twitch. This means you would never be able to become an affiliate or partner on the platform and make money from Twitch.
  2. Not only that, but you are also risking your reputation. As I hopefully have sufficiently explained throughout this article, view botting is painstakingly obvious. You don’t want to be known as a viewbotter if you aim to make any type of career on Twitch.
  3. You could get scammed. The large majority of these view botting services that charge a lot of money to increase your viewer count, don’t actually deliver. The reviews of each of these services are painfully bad. If you don’t have money to blow, don’t purchase a viewbot.
  4. Viewbotting will make you lazy. Think about it, if you can achieve artificial views at the press of a button? Why would you ever bother not cheating? Why would you bother establishing a presence on social media and creating an audience for yourself when you have made everything SO easy on yourself?

We believe view botting will do a Twitch channel more harm than it will do good.

If you still want to learn more about view botting on Twitch, you can check out our full View Botting guide below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is safe to use? Can it get me banned?

Any viewbotting service can result in a ban from Twitch.

Does have a free trial? does not have a free trial available. Their cheapest plan is a single use key for $5 which will give you 100 live viewers.

Is a scam?

Everything we’ve found about this website indicates that it is. The reviews found on Trustpilot all claim that this website is a scam. They don’t have a refund policy, no support available and they don’t even have a privacy policy or terms of service.

On top of that, the service underdelivers live views (which they even state on their website!) and some users even complain they don’t get any views at all!

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