What does ‘malding’ mean on Twitch?

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Were you in a Twitch chat where the world ‘malding‘ popped up and you’re now left wondering what the F it means?

Yup, we’ve all been there. It’s hard to keep up with all the memes. Anyway, here’s what you came for:

Malding Definition

Malding is a Portmanteau of the words ‘bad’ and ‘malding’. Essentially it means someone who is malding is both mad and balding. In the Twitch community, the word malding has now been widely adopted to mean some is pissed.

Where did malding originate from?

Malding started picking up traction on the internet around June 2019 as the Google graph below shows.

It all started in popular with popular Twitch streamer Forsen who was frequently heard shouting things such as SO BAD, SO MAD, which eventually turned into SO BALD, SO MALD.

Since then, the term was picked up by more and more streamers within the community and quickly became part of Twitch slang.

To this day, the word malding is commonly used by popular Twitch streamers and it doesn’t look like its going away any time soon.

Next time you hear XQC, Ludwig or another streamer scream “HE’s MALDING!” You’ll know.

Examples of malding being used in the Twitch community

Nagzz21 Trademarketing ‘malding’

Internet culture is weird. This was proven once more when Twitch streamer ‘Nagzz21‘ decided to put down $3,500 to trademark the word ‘malding’ in the United States.

If you don’t believe me, this link will take you to the trademark. Yep, it’s all there. His company Nagzz21 LLC is the official owner of the word malding.

Here’s a little explanation of the man himself.

In this video, Nagzz21, also revealed that he bought the domain malding.com for $3,295. That’s right, this legend is committed to the memes.

If you’re wondering how all of this came to be, it all started on his friend ‘Roflgators’ stream when Nagzz21 started malding. (clip below)

This whole thing turned into an ongoing joke between the two creators and roflgator was frequently trolling his friend during his streams.

To put more wood on the fire, roflgator created a custom sticker on Twitch featuring a photoshopped version of Nagzz’ head, completely bald. This got Nagzz malding even more.

Eventually a song ‘malding in the night’ being released on youtube.

That’s when Nagzz had enough of his friends’ trolling and decided, after consulting his lawyers, to trademark the word malding and eventually drop $6,759 on this internet meme.

Can you legally use the word malding on stream?

Now since malding is trademarked, you might wonder, as a Twitch streamer, if you can legally use it on stream, right…? You can never be careful enough…

However, this was all just a joke between two really good friends. So its highly unlikely Nagzz would ever claim infringement on a streamer using his word.

He even posted a comment on Reddit claiming it was all a joke and he would never pursue anyone as he believes in fair use.

So no, you won’t get in trouble for using malding. Go mald all you want!

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