Why is Twitch Lagging (but internet is fine)? [SOLVED]

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Is Twitch lagging for you and you believe the issue isn’t your internet connection?

So long as the internet connection isn’t the issue, Twitch should NOT be lagging for you.

If you have good internet and Twitch is still laggy, something else is at play here.

This article contains everything you need to fix a laggy Twitch stream.

Causes for a laggy Twitch Stream

Here are some non-internet related causes for Twitch lag and buffering.

  • Downloads happening in the background
  • Browsers plugins causing Twitch lag
  • Corrupted cookies and cache
  • Your PC needs a reboot
  • Your antivirus software is causing issues
  • Your browser needs an update
  • You are using a VPN
  • Family members are taking up bandwidth

Downloads happening in the background

turn off all downloads while you are watching a twitch stream to prevent any lag or buffer

It is plausible that downloads being performed are causing a Twitch stream to start buffering. This is because downloads take up a lot of bandwidth on your internet connection, causing the stream to lag.

To check whether this might be the case, open your steam app and check if nothing is updating in the background.

Furthermore, you can also check if your PC isn’t downloading anything else by going into your settings on windows 10:

Start menu > Network and Internet > Data Usage

If anything is downloading, the application which is taking up bandwidth will appear here.

Terminate this applications and check if it resolves the Twitch lag.

Browser plugins causing Twitch lag

We cannot imagine our browsers anymore without the plugins that improve them. You might have BetterTTV installed to see emotes on Twitch. Or you might be running and Adblock.

But what you might not realise that these plugins could be interfering with the Twitch stream, causing it to buffer.

To quickly check whether or not this is the case, you should open your desired Twitch stream in incognito mode.

You can easily do this by right-clicking on your browser icon (e.g. chrome) and choosing ‘new incognito window’.

This will open a browser tab that has absolutely no plugins enabled. If plugins were the reason you were experiencing lag, you should have a buffer-free stream in incognito mode.

The next step is for you to figure out which plugin is causing the issue by disabling every plugin and enabling them one by one.

Corrupted Cookies and Cache

Another reason Twitch might be lagging for you is if you haven’t cleared your cookies and cache in a while.

Just like the previous solution, you can easily check whether your cookies and cache are the issue by using incognito mode.

To clear your cache, simply click on the 3 doots in the top-right of your google chrome window.

locate More Tools and select clear browsing data.

Now simply tick of ‘cookies’ and ‘cached images and files’ and hit clear data.

clear your cookies and cache to prevent a laggy twitch stream from happening when your internet connection is fine

Your PC needs a reboot

Sometimes the easiest fix is the most obvious one: have you tried turning it on and off again?

If your PC has been up and running for a while, it might be a good idea to reboot and see if this resolves the issue.

Your antivirus software is causing issues

Antivirus software are commonly at fault whenever something isn’t working properly on a PC. This is no different with a laggy Twitch stream.

To see if your antivirus software is the issue, temporarily disable it and see if that fixes the laggy Twitch stream.

Your browser needs an update

updating your browser can fix lag on twitch

Are you noticing a red ‘update’ button in the top right of your chrome browser?

Your outdated browser could be the single reason your Twitch stream is lagging for you.

How long has it been? Update your browser.

You are using a VPN

in some cases VPNs can interrupt the internet connection and cause a laggy twitch stream

VPNs are heavily advertised as lifesavers in the online world. Youtubers and streamers are all to happy to share their affiliate links with you. But what they don’t tell you is that VPNs aren’t always that great.

If you are using a VPN (especially a cheap one) this could cause Twitch to lag for you. This is because VPNs send multiple users to the same server, which could cause you to experience internet connection issues.

Try disabling your VPN to fix your Twitch lag issue.

Family members are taking up bandwidth

one reason that your twitch might be lagging is that your family members are using up bandwidth from streaming, gaming or downloading

Another common reason for a laggy Twitch stream, is caused by family members taking up a large amount of bandwidth by streaming Netflix, playing video games or performing downloads.

Of course, there isn’t much you can do about this other than tell them to stop. In which case I wish you good luck.

Other fixes for a laggy Twitch stream (when your internet connection is fine)

When your laggy Twitch stream isn’t related to a bad internet connection, here are some fixes that might work for you.

FIX 1: Use a different browser

If you have a laggy Twitch stream, it is very likely that your browser is the issue. You could have an outdated browser, interfering plugins installed or corrupted cookies that are causing the Twitch stream you are watching to buffer.

If any of these would be at play with you, trying a different browser will provide a quick fix and should help you watch Twitch lag-free.

FIX 2: Try a different device

Whether you are watching Twitch on a PC, smartphone, tablet or Smart TV, these can all have their bad days and cause Twitch streams to become laggy and unwatchable.

Why not try Twitch on a different device? Download the mobile app if you think your PC might be the reason. Watch on your PC if you suspect your phone might be the cause of the lag.

Check if your internet connection is really fine

Just because you pay for a good internet connection, or you are used to having a great connection, doesn’t mean that your internet can’t have its off days. There are many reasons why Twitch might be lagging due to your internet, even if it seems that your internet is fine.

Run a couple of speedtests

The best way to check if your internet connection is fine (and thus NOT the reason your Twitch stream is lagging) is to run a number of speed tests.

to check whether your internet connection is not causing lag on twitch, run a couple of speedtests
A stable internet connection has very little fluctuation in results on speedtest.net

You can run a speedtest on speedtest.net (or any alternative of your preference).

If you have similar results in every test you do, your internet should be stable.

If you see fluctuation in the results, your internet is NOT stable and this is why your Twitch stream is lagging.

Are you watching Twitch on WIFI? Wifi connections can be very shoddy especially when you are sitting far away from the router. If this is the case, try moving closer to the router or consider using a wired internet connection in the future.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article. Hopefully, this article helped you find the culprit of your laggy Twitch stream.

Internet connection is not always the reason Twitch is lagging, but it doesn’t hurt to check your internet connection instead of just banking on your wifi signal being okay.

here are the non-internet related fixes for fixing your Twitch stream once again:

  • Make sure no downloads are happening in the background
  • Disable plugins that might cause your Twitch stream to lag
  • Clear cookies and Cache
  • Reboot your PC
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus software
  • Update your browser
  • Temporarily disable your VPN
  • Try a different browser
  • Try a different device

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