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xqc net worth
Real Name:Felix Lengyel
Date of BirthNovember 12, 1995
Age: 27
Net Worth: $40 million USD

What is xQc’s net worth?

xQc’s estimated net worth is $40 million USD.

Who is xQc?

xqc net worth, twitch earnings, youtube earnings, age, facts, and more

xQc, also known as xQcOW is a retired Overwatch professional turned full-time streamer. He streams variety and is considered by many to be the biggest streamer on the planet.

Lengyel streams to an average of 80 thousand viewers whenever he goes live. He is known for streaming 9+ hours per day, every day.

xQc consistently ranks among the top 5 most subbed streamers on Twitch and in a 2021 Twitch Leak was revealed to be the 2nd highest paid streamer on Twitch.

In June 2023, xQc signed a $100 million dollar contract with Kick, an upcoming streaming platform that rivals Twitch (and looks exactly like Twitch).

πŸ’° How does xQc make money?

Here’s a little run-down of how Felix makes money:

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Kick Contract

As everyone on this planet already knows (including those who have never heard of streaming) xQc signed a whopping $100 million contract with Kick, a streaming platform that rivals Twitch.

xqc streaming on kick after signing his $100 million contract with the platform
xqc streaming on kick after signing his $100 million contract with the platform

So we can easily slap that $100 million dollar onto his net worth, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Most likely, Kick didn’t actually deposit $100 million into Felix’s bank account just like that.

Instead, as industry professional Devin Nash describes it in his video, xQc likely received a signing bonus ($10-15 million) and is paid an hourly wage for streaming on Kick. Nash calculated that if he streams on Kick as much as he did on Twitch last year, he would make $70 million dollars over the 2-year contract, being paid $10k per hour to stream on Twitch.

The rest of the $100 million is likely going to be paid in incentives, Nash said.

Devin Nash explains xQc's contract with Kick on his youtube channel

You can watch Devin Nash’s full video on the hallucinating contract on Youtube.

Kick Earnings

As a Contracted Kick Streamer xQc makes money from subscriptions, Advertisements, and Donations.

πŸ’° Subscriptions

xQc keeps $4.75 per subscriber he gets on Kick. Because Kick streamers have a 95/5 split. This is a lot better than his contract with Twitch for which he only kept $2.50 per subscriber once he reached above $100k earnings. (Twitch has a 50/50 split)

πŸ’° Advertisements

xQc can also make money from advertisements on Kick. Although, I haven’t yet seen an advertisement on his streams. So it’s possible he turned it off completely because he makes enough money from streaming on Kick and subscribers on the platform.

πŸ’° Donations

And finally, xQc will also receive donations from fans. Donations that are over $5 are read on stream using Text-to-speech.

Kick earnings are revealed later in this article.

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YouTube Earnings

xQc's main youtube channel has 2.2 million subscribers
xQc’s main YouTube channel

XqC has 4 channels on YouTube:

His main channel (xQc) is the most active where he posts stream highlights about 3 times per day. Each video gets nearly 200k views within just a day of being live.

streamer tip

Streamers make money on YouTube through advertisements. On average a YouTube video can earn about $2 – $4 per 1000 views.

Earnings are revealed later in this article.

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Sponsorships & Brand deals

Streamers often get paid by brands to promote products (apparel, peripherals, drinks, video games, etc).

sponsorships and brand deals
  • xQc has a sponsorship with G-FUEL. He likely receives a commission whenever someone purchases his product ‘the juice’ G-FUEL or uses his discount code as well as a sponsorship salary.

How much does xQc make from Sponsorships and Brand Deals?

Sponsorships can be a very good earner for streamers but are hard to estimate due to lack of sources which is why we never include them in our estimations of streamers’ total monthly income.

That being said, we estimate that xQc makes roughly $50k per month from brand deals.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about how Twitch streamers make money from Sponsorships.

Esports Earnings

xQc made a grand total of $47,687.59 from esports tournaments according to esportsearnings.com.

Here are some of his earnings:

  • $9,750 from Chess
  • $9,995.92 from Overwatch
  • $10,000 from Minecraft
  • $14,816.67 from Apex Legends
  • $1,000 from Among Us

[ended] Luminosity Gaming

xQc was previously signed with Luminosity Gaming but the contract has since ended.

xqc is signed with luminosity gaming
Credit: Luminosity Gaming

Merch Sales

xQc previously had merch available through a metathreads shop. MetaThreads is a merch provider that works with big influencers and esports organizations.

However, this partnership seems to have ended as the shop is empty. As far as we know, xQc currently doesn’t sell any merch.

Any merch shops that you see out there that aren’t being advertised by Felix himself are fake streamer merch shops.

Want to sell your own merch? This article will teach you how!

How much money does xQc make from Kick?

xQc makes around $2.6 million per month from streaming on Kick.

xQc makes around $232,086 per month from streaming on Twitch.

Here’s how this adds up:

…From Hourly Wage

Due to the nature of his Kick contract, xQc likely gets paid $10k for every hour that he streams on Kick.

Since xQc streams about 250 hours per month on average, xQc makes an estimated $2.5 million per month from his hourly wage on Kick.

…From Kick subscribers

Okay, I’ll be honest. We have no way to track Kick subscriptions as we do for Twitch using Twitch Tracker.

So we have to make some guesses here.

In the last 6 months on Twitch, xQc had an average of 68K subscribers, this is good for around $170k per month on Twitch’s 50/50 revenue split.

On Kick, this would make him $323k per month.

But there’s no way xQc has the same amount of subs on Kick as he did on Twitch for a number of reasons:

  • Kick doesn’t have Prime subs which made up 46% of xQc’s subscribers
  • xQc has less average viewers on Kick (30k compared to 53k on Twitch) because Kick is still a lot less popular than Twitch

Without Twitch primes, xQc had 31,280 paying subscribers.

Since he has 57% less viewers on Kick then he did on Twitch, we estimate that he has 17,829 paying subscribers. For which he keeps $4.75 per sub.

So in total, xQc makes an estimated $84,687 per month from subscribers on Kick.

Considering he makes at least $4.75 per subscriber, we estimate that xQc makes $84,687 USD per month from subscribers on Kick.

…From Kick Advertisements

xQc doesn’t seem to run advertisements on Kick.

…From Donations

xQc gets quite a bit of donations during his streams, that makes sense because he always streams to over 30,000 people on Kick.

For example, on his donation page, this week, he’s already made $600 from his top 10 donations alone. While it is hard to estimate how much xQc really makes from donations, it is likely to be anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per month.

How much money does xQc make from Youtube?

According to Social Blade, xQc gets around 32.5 million video views every month. This makes sense because he’s a madman who uploads 4 videos per day!

how much does xqc make from youtube advertisements?
Screengrab Social Blade: xQc’s monthly views on YouTube

Considering a $3 CPM, we estimate that xQc makes an estimated $97,500 USD per month from Advertisements on YouTube.

How much money does xQc make per month?

how much does xqc make per month?

xQc makes an estimated $2.7 million per month from streaming on Kick and uploading videos to his YouTube channel.

⚠️ Keep in mind this estimation is JUST based on Kick and YouTube earnings. It does not include any money xQc makes from donations, merch, sponsors and brand deals, investments, and more!

xQc Twitch Leak Earnings

After a Data Breach on Twitch in October of 2021, the earnings of some of the top streamers on the platform were leaked.

Quickly after the breach appeared online, a list was made up of the top 100 highest paid streamers on Twitch.

In that list, xQc was found in the #2 position with a total payout of $8,454,427.17 between August 2019 and October 2021.

Considering there are 22 months between August 2019 and October 2021, that would mean xQc made around $384,292 per month from Twitch in those periods.

These earnings came from subscribers, advertisements, and bit donations.

The result closely aligns with our Twitch Earning Estimations for xQc made using the information we have about xQc’s subscriber and viewer count on Twitch Tracker.

(keep in mind our estimations do not include donations)


What car does xQc drive?

xQc drives a $320,000 Mclaren 720s Spider.

xQc drives a $320,000 Mclaren 720s Spider.
xQc in front of his Mclaren 720s Spider

He also has another (slightly) cheaper BMW X6M worth $110k.

Does xQc speak French?

Yes, xQc speaks French. During a Valorant stream with Pokimane, he spoke French with Poki.

Additional Info & Facts for xQc

Height:6 ft 2
Weight:130 lbs
Twitch followers:11.3 million
YouTube subscribers:2.2 million

xQc Socials

YouTube (main)youtube.com/xqc

How did xQc get started?

  • xQc started his career as a professional Overwatch player.
  • On October 8th, 2017, xQc was signed to the Dallas Fuel competitive Overwatch team. Later he was suspended from competitive play after a series of controversial announcements made on his Twitch stream.
xQc had 2.4k average viewers on twitch in 2017
xQc had 2.4k average viewers in 2017 | source: twitch tracker
  • During the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, in which xQc played for his home country Canada, xQc was named MVP of the championship.
  • On March 9th, 2018, xQc was once again suspended from the Overwatch League for using the TriHard emote in a controversial manner. Due to this, he was also released from the Dallas Fuel team.
  • In 2018, xQc was nominated for the Streamer of the Year by Esports Awards. The award itself was won by Ninja.
xQc streamed to 10k average viewers in 2018
xQc streamed to 10k average viewers in 2018 | source: twitch tracker
  • After his release from Dallas Fuel, X started putting all his attention in his Twitch stream. During this time, his viewerbase grew rapidly. By 2019, he was already streaming to well over 15,000 concurrent viewers.
xQc streamed to 17k average viewers in 2019
xQc streamed to 17k average viewers in 2019 | source: Twitch Tracker
  • In 2020 xQc saw major growth on Twitch as his viewer base exploded to 50,000 and up. That same year, he signed with Luminosity Gaming.
In 2020 xQc saw major growth on Twitch as his viewer base exploded to 50,000 and up.
xQc’s phenomenal growth on Twitch in 2020 | source: twitch tracker
  • In 2021, xQc saw an average of 74,968 viewers on Twitch. He was live for 353 out of 365 days and streamed for a total of 3,654 hours (10.3 hours per day).
  • In February of 2022, xQc was the most subscribed streamer on Twitch. He was surpassed by Ironmouse in March of 2022 after her succesful subathon.
  • In March of 2022, xQc was nominated for the best streamer of the year award but he lost to Ludwig. Many of his fans consider this a robbery. xQc tweeted the following after the event: “THANK GOD I ONLY SPENT 70 BUCKS ON MY OUTFIT LMFAO“.
  • xQc is considered one of the biggest streamers on Twitch who streams to over 80,000 concurrent viewers at all times. His viewercount frequently surpasses the 100k mark.
  • in June 2023, xQc signed a $100 million dollar contract with Kick.

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We’ve collected intel on every piece of xQc‘s stream setup.

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