Wooting 60HE: The World’s Fastest Gaming Keyboard

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If you haven’t heard of the Wooting 60HE, you must have been living under a rock as this gaming keyboard has completely changed the keyboard market. The Wooting 60HE is truly the fastest keyboard on the planet, and it’s changing the meta in competitive gaming.

Professionals in Valorant, Fortnite, CS & OSU have been using this lightning fast keyboard to dominate in competition. Some have even gone as far as to accuse OSU players with a Wooting keyboard of ‘cheating’.

So what is it about this keyboard? What makes it so fast you could be accused of cheating for simply buying it? Let’s take a closer look at the worlds fastest keyboard.

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Why the Wooting 60HE is the Fastest Gaming Keyboard

From the outside, the Wooting 60HE looks just like any other 60% gaming keyboard, with only the yellow strap setting it apart.

While unique, it’s not the strap that makes this keyboard great. Wooting is dominating the keyboard space for three reasons: their magnetic switches, Rapid Trigger technology and bloatfree software.

Gateron x Lekker Switches

The wooting comes with it’s own ‘Lekker’ switches, which are developed by Gateron. Where these switches differ from other switches used on keyboard is that they are magnetic switches, allowing them to make use of the ‘Hall Effect’.

If you paid more attention in Physics than I ever did, you might know about this one. But essentially the hall effect allows the Wooting keyboard to recognize exactly how far the key is pressed down.

This is important, because it allows gamers to fully customize the actuation force of the key to anywhere between 0.1mm and 4.0mm.

And where the Wooting truly shines is that you can change the actuation point for EACH individual key.

change the actuation point for each key in the wootility software

So for Valorant for example, you can set the actuation point of your movement keys (WASD) to 0.1mm, while leaving your other keys at a higher actuation point to avoid fatfingering them accidentally.

And it’s that kind of control over your keys, that has drawn professionals from every game to the Wooting 60HE keyboard. Valorant, CS, Fortnite, OSU, the control over each individual switch gives you a major advantage in these games where movement is key.

Non-magnetic switches found in most other gaming keyboards have a set actuation point (e.g. 1.2mm in the Razer™ Linear Optical switches).

This means you have to press the key down exactly to that point for the switch to register your movement.

Rapid Trigger Technology

Wooting shaved off a bunch of delay by offering full control over each key via their Lekker switches, but they didn’t end there.

Inside the Wootility software, you can enable rapid trigger for any key you desire.

What is Rapid Trigger?

Rapid Trigger dynamically changes the actuation and deactivation point of your switches. They activate as soon as you press them, and deactivate as soon as you let them go.


Rapid Trigger in combination with their hall effect sensors, makes the Wooting keyboards the fastest gaming keyboard on the market.

Rapid Trigger has already been copied by both Razer and Steelseries who have added this software, more on that later.

Bloatfree software

Gaming companies love forcing you to install bloated software that takes up a ton of ram space and has been known to be the cause for lag spikes in games.

Wooting keyboards can be configured entirely via their Wootility.io website. Yes you read that right, website. No software.

Wootility keyboards can be customized from the Wootility.io webpage and don't require you to download software

But not only is it bloatfree, Wootility offers full customization over each key in your keyboard.

You can set the actuation point for each individual key. You can enable Rapid Trigger where you need it. And if you’re into that, you can modify the RGB exactly to your hearts content.

You can even import profiles from your favorite pros. Don’t want to experiment with your own settings? Just import the settings of a pro like TenZ and you’re good to go.

Take full control over your keyboard, all from a flipping webpage.

The only problem with Wooting

If it was easy to get your hands on a Wooting 60HE keyboard, pretty much everyone with the funds would be using it. But this isn’t the case. It’s damn hard to get your hands on one.

I know, because I have to wait 2 months to get mine, and I live just a couple hours removed from Wooting’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

the only issue with wooting is that it takes forever to deliver the keyboard

As you can see above, I’m part of the EU-ZON batch and have to wait until late October to receive my keyboard, even though I ordered it early September.

Wooting keyboards are always out of stock meaning you have to pre-order them and depending on when you do, and where you are, you could be waiting a while.

Sorry to break it to you if you were getting excited!

Wooting 60HE Copycats

Naturally, when a new piece of technology comes out, other brands will copy their homework. Wooting’s Rapid Trigger technology has recently been copied by both Razer and Steelseries.

Both keyboard makers have released software updates that allow Razer Huntsman users and Steelseries Apex Pro users with analog switches to use Rapid Trigger technology.

Pretty solid, considering this cost those users nothing. So if you have either keyboard, you’re in luck as this does improve your keyboard quite a bit.

But does it compete with the Rapid Trigger technology on the Wooting 60HE?

Youtuber Optimum Tech tested Rapid Trigger on both the Razer Huntsman and Steelseries Apex and compared it to the Wooting 60HE.

The results are interesting.

It appears the Steelseries Apex Pro performs pretty similarly to the Wooting 60HE. And this verdict seems to be made by other Youtubers doing similar reviews.

This makes sense, as Steelseries also uses magnetic switches in their Apex Pro.

Razer doesn’t make use of magnetic switches (yet), so their Rapid Trigger technology isn’t nearly as good as it is on the Wooting, or Steelseries.

delay difference between wooting 60HE, Steelseries Apex Pro TKL and Razer Huntsman MIni as tested by optimum tech

When testing the delay in ms, Optimum Tech found little difference between the Wooting 60HE and the Steelseries Apex Pro. The delay was however more noticeable on the Razer Huntsman.

Check out the full video for an in-depth comparison between these three keyboards.

In conclusion, other gaming companies are catching up with the Rapid Trigger meta that Wooting has started. We might even see some brand-new boards coming out in the future to really compete with Wooting.

Wooting 60HE Alternatives

While the Wooting 60HE is still the top dog for the time being, there are some alternatives that come pretty close. Gamers who don’t want to wait for months to get their hands on a Wooting 60HE (or don’t have $180 to drop on a keyboard) can shop these alternatives and still benefit from the Rapid Trigger technology.

Steelseries Apex Pro Mini

Hands down the best alternative to the Wooting 60HE is the Steelseries Apex Pro. This keyboard comes with magnetic switches and rapid trigger technology. And when used, it comes pretty darn close to the Wooting 60HE. Optimum Tech even says he doesn’t feel the difference.

Other bonusses with the Steelseries Apex Pro is that it’s cheaper than the Wooting, you don’t have to wait months to get one and you get to pick your size between 60% and Tenkeyless.

Of course you will have to deal with Steelseries bloated software.

Steelseries Apex Pro Mini: best alternative to Wooting 60HE

Razer Huntsman Mini

Razer Huntsman Mini

Razer Huntsman products with Analog switches now have Rapid Trigger technology as well. However, it doesn’t keep up with Steelseries as it lacks magnetic switches.

NOTE: you must select ANALOG OPTICAL SWITCHES when making your purchase to be able to use Rapid Trigger on the Razer Huntsman. The other switches are much cheaper so don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong one!

Corsair k70 Max

Corsair K70 MAX

Corsairs’ brand new K70 keyboard can be bought with Magnetic MGX switches which feature a similar technology to the switches used by Wooting.

Note: Corsair is currently working on Rapid Trigger technology but hasn’t yet come out with an update.

Final Words

Wooting has started something amazing here. Magnetic switches & Rapid Trigger technology have become the new meta in competitive gaming. Wooting has forever changed how we will move in games, making waves in Valorant, CS, Fornite, OSU and many other competitive titles.

You can bet other gaming companies are working hard to come up with alternatives to the Wooting 60HE. Steelseries already had magnetic switches in their Apex Pro, Corsair just came out with the new K70 Max and we’ll probably see Razer come out with magnetic switches sometime soon.

Soon every gaming keyboard will have magnetic switches, and for the patient folk among us, this will drive down prices.

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