List of the Most Popular Twitch Emotes – Meaning & Origin

Want to know what a Twitch emote means? We’ve covered the most popular emotes on Twitch. Click or tap on an emote to be taken to the corresponding article!

Why Can’t I see certain emotes on Twitch? Why do they show up as text?

If certain emotes such as Pepega, OMEGALUL and MonkaS show up as text for you, that’s because you do not have the BetterTTV or FrankerFaceZ browser extensions installed.

By installing such a browser extension, typing a word such as ‘MonkaS’ in Twitch chat will turn the word into the appropriate emote.

Keep in mind, the streamer needs to have the emote enabled for this to work.

The best way to ensure you see all Twitch emotes is to install both FrankerFaceZ and BetterTTV.

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The most popular Twitch emotes

According to Stream Elements, which tracks the popularity of emotes on Twitch, the current most popular Twitch emote is the ForsenE emote.

This is surprising, because ForsenE is a subscriber only emote for Forsen subscribers.

ForsenE currently has over 3,065,756,891 total uses on Twitch.

The runner-up is the infamous TriHard emote with over 2,477,357,189 total uses.

Most popular Better Twitch TV emote

The most popular emote on BTTV is FlushE with over 4,465,993,465 total uses.

Most popular FrankerFaceZ emote

The most popular emote on FFZ is HyeImShy with over 7,777,777,804 total uses.