How to Set Up Stream Alerts in 2023 (Twitch & YouTube)

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This is a comprehensive guide on how to set up stream alerts for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

This guide will help you set up alerts for both OBS Studio and Streamlabs.

If you don’t already have streaming software installed, check out our Streamlabs vs OBS Studio article to help you make your decision.

⚠ïļ Beginner tip: pick Streamlabs. It’s the most beginner-friendly software for Twitch streamers.

In this alert guide, we’ll go over the two most popular alert services for streamers: Streamlabs and Streamelements.

🎎 This article is part of our Start Streaming on Twitch series.

streamlabs can be used to add stream alerts to twitch, youtube and facebook


Streamlabs is kind of an all-in-one solution for streamers. They not only have the most beginner-friendly OBS software available, but the software also comes with built-in alerts.

This makes it easy to add alerts to your stream.

streamelements can be used to add stream alerts to twitch, youtube and facebook


Streamelements offers a similar service to Streamlabs, minus the OBS software.

Many streamers prefer Streamelement alerts over Streamlabs because they are more customizable.

You can add Streamelements alerts to OBS Studio or Streamlabs through browser sources.

ðŸĪš Streamlabs Alerts vs Streamelements Alerts


streamlabs alerts vs streamelements alerts

👍 Alerts are built into SLOBS

👍 More hassle-free

👎 Paid features


streamelements alerts vs streamlabs alerts

👍 Alerts use up less CPU

👍 More customizability

👍 Preferred by the stream community

👎 Requires you to edit inside a browser

Many streamers have switched from Streamlabs to Streamelements because they offer more in terms of customizability and use up fewer resources on a PC.

So if you’re running a budget PC setup, Streamelements is definitely the way to go.

Streamlabs also tend to show a little greed with their paid features which aggravates smaller hobbyists who make no real income from streaming.

👉 If you are using OBS Studio, Streamelements is a clear choice, hands down.

👉 If you are using Streamlabs OBS, use their built-in alerts first and see how they fare for you. You can always switch to Streamelements if you don’t like the alerts or they slow down your PC too much.

⚙ïļ How to Set Up Alerts in Streamlabs

Want to set up alerts for Streamelements instead? [SKIP HERE]

Go to your Streamlabs Dashboard.

Log in using your platform (Twitch, YouTube or Facebook) if you don’t already have an account.

Select AlertBox from the left sidebar.

how to add alerts to streamlabs

Alerts should be enabled by default. If they aren’t, you can enable or disable alerts by clicking on the individual functions. (Follows, Subscriptions, Donations, etc)

how to enable alerts in streamlabs

You can play around with the Alert settings and customize them to your needs.

how to add alerts to streamlabs obs

Upload Alertbox to Streamlabs OBS

To add the Alertbox in your Streamlabs OBS software, simply go to sources (bottom middle) and select Add AlertBox.

how to add streamlabs alerts to obs studio using browser source

Add Streamlabs Alert to OBS Studio (optional)

If you want to insert Streamlabs Alerts into OBS Studio, you can do so using a browser source.

To do this, copy the Widget URL and add it as a Browser Source to OBS Studio.

⚙ïļ How to Set Up Alerts in Streamelements

Go to your Streamelements Dashboard. Log in if using your stream platform (e.g Twitch).

In the left sidebar, under Streaming Tools, Select My Overlays.

how to add alerts to streamelements


how to add a new alert to streamelements

Inside the streamelements customizer, select ADD WIDGET > Alerts > AlertBox.

how to add an alertbox in streamelements

Uncheck any events you don’t want to set an alert for. Click on the cog wheel ⚙ïļ to customize the alert.

you can uncheck any alerts you don't need in streamelements

Streamelements has many customization options including Text to Speech.

Once you’re done customizing, press SAVE and copy the URL in the top right navigation bar using the attachment icon.

how to copy the streamelements widget url

Next, go into your OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS and add a browser source.

how to add a streamelements browser source url to obs studio

Give the browser source a name (e.g. Alert).

give your new streamelements alert a name

And finally, paste the URL.

paste your streamelements url in obs studio

That’s it! You can now add alerts using Streamelements.

💰 Set up Alerts for Donations

Want to learn how you can set up alerts for donations specifically?

We have a separate guide just for that! 👉 Go to our Donations Guide

ðŸĪĐ How to Get FREE Custom Stream Alerts

Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to pay to add some fancy alert design to our Twitch stream, especially when we are just starting out.

Luckily, there are a bunch of free options out there available for both Streamlabs and Streamelements.

One site that offers these free downloads is NerdorDie. Here’s how that works.

👉 Go here to shop for free alerts. Or navigate to and select Alerts.

Now you’ll want to look for any of the alerts that have a free option available.

how to get free custom stream alerts from nerdordie

Boosted Alerts is a great example of a free alert for Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming.

how to download free custom streamalerts

Next, select the Free Version from the dropdown menu.

And Add to Cart.

Then, fill in your info (you can add a fake name and email if you’re uncomfortable) and checkout.

You don’t need to provide an address or card details because this offer is free.

download your free stream alerts

Once that’s done, you can download the file.

how to install your free custom stream alerts from nerdordie

The download will contain installation files for both Streamlabs and Streamelements as well as a tutorial video in case you’re at a loss.

🧐 How to Add Custom Alerts to OBS Studio

Once you’ve downloaded your custom alerts, select the Streamelements installation file and click on the version you need (Twitch, Youtube or Facebook).

This will take you to your Streamelements dashboard and create a new Overlay.

Click on the EDIT button, this will take you to the Streamelements Customizer.

how to add custom stream alerts to streamelements

Here, you can customize the alert to fit your needs.

Once you’re done customizing, copy the alert URL by clicking the attachment icon in the top right navigation bar.

how to copy the widget url in streamelements

Now go into your OBS Studio and add a browser source.

how to add a new alert as a browser source in obs studio

Give it an appropriate title (e.g. Alert).

give your new browser source the name

Paste the URL you just copied from the Streamelements customizer.

paste your widget url as a browser source in obs studio

And you’re done! Congratz! You now have a custom alert added to OBS Studio using Streamelements.

🧐 How to Add Custom Alerts to Streamlabs

Once you’ve download your custom alerts, select the Streamlabs Installation file and click on it.

This will take you directly to your Streamlabs dashboad.

Select Create a new Widget Theme.

how to add a custom stream alert to streamlabs

Give it a new (e.g. Boosted Theme)

give your new custom stream alert a name in streamlabs

And select use to use your custom alert.

make sure to select use on your new streamlabs alert

Congratz! Your new custom alert is now added to your Streamlabs AlertBox and you can customize it like you would any other alert!

How to Create your own Stream Alerts

If you want a custom stream alert that fits your personalized branding, you can use Photoshop (paid) or Canva (free) to create your own!

Pro tip: Use GIFs as animated alerts!

You can use GIFs from sites such as Giphy and Gifsme and upload them to Streamelements/streamlabs as animated alerts.

Alternatively, you can hire a Freelancer on Fiverr to do this for you.

Once you’re done with your design, you can upload them to your Streamelements AlertBox using the SET IMAGE or CHANGE VIDEO buttons.

how to add your own custom alert files to streamelements

The video below will teach you how you can make custom ANIMATED stream alerts using Canva.

Wrap up

That should cover just about anything you need to know to set up stream alerts for Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook using both Streamelements and Streamlabs!

As you can see, adding alerts is pretty simple.

Using Streamlabs alerts in combination with Streamlabs OBS is definitely the most beginner-friendly method but even Streamelements gets fairly easy once you get used to adding browser sources.

Streamelements is far more customizable than Streamlabs when it comes to alerts, making it the preferred method for advanced streamers.

Don’t feel bad about starting out on Streamlabs though, you can always make the switch in the future!

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