BOOBA Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin

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BOOBA meaning

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BOOBA is essentially a misspelling of the word boobs which finds its origin on 4chan.

BOOBA is used whenever something “sexy” happens on stream. It can also be used as slang to indicate a woman is considered “hot” or “sexy”.

Oftentimes BOOBA is also used in a more ironic way. For example, when a cat or dog’s behind is seen on stream.


A hot tub streamer gets nice and close to the camera revealing her behind ever so subtly – BOOBA.

BOOBA Origin

Since BOOBA is an animated variant of Pepe the Frog, we can find its origin in 2005 when Pepe the Frog first surfaced the internet.

This was the year the illustrator of Pepe, a man named Matt Furie, published one of his comics named Boys Club to his MySpace. The comic featured Pepe the frog with his infamous phrase “feels good man“.

3 years after Matt published the comic to his MySpace, variations of Pepe started surfacing on the 4chan message boards. Pepe became a popular meme on the platform and the popularity of 4chan is what caused Pepe to eventually become an internet-wide meme by 2015.

That same year is when browser extension BetterTTV uploaded the FeelsGoodMan and FeelsBadMan emotes as global emotes to be used on Twitch.

Since anyone can upload an emote to BetterTTV, variations of the Pepe the frog emote were quickly added to the platform. One such example is MonkaS which was added in 2016 by user MonkaSenpai and went on to become one of the most popular emotes on Twitch.

In 2020, back on 4chan, a member replied ‘BOOBA’ on a thread and attached a Pepe the frog illustration with big, bulging eyes. The comment received a lot of attention and BOOBA became known as slang used whenever an attractive woman was posted on the message boards.

This of course, also found its way to Twitch. BOOBA was added as an animated Pepe the Frog to BetterTTV on November 11th of 2020 by user EduardoGATOO.

While the emote is relatively new, it has been picked up by over 10000 channels on Twitch, some of the big streamers such as LilyPichu, Pokimane, xQc.

How to get the BOOBA emote on Twitch

If you want to use Booba on Twitch, you will have to install the BetterTTV browser extension. Otherwise, just text will pop up for you.

  1. Go to select your browser and download the browser extension, you will then be able to see the Booba emote on supported Twitch channels.
how to see FeelsGoodMan on Twitch

If you wish to add the booba and other emotes to your OWN Twitch channel, you can do so by signing in to BeterTTV using your Twitch credentials and authorizing your Twitch account. Next, you can head over to the emote list and add booba to your Twitch channel.

Afterward, your viewers will then be able to use the booba emote on your Twitch channel and they will be able to see it if they have FrankerFaceZ/BTTV installed as a browser extension (which the majority does already anyway).

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