Best Gaming Keyboards for Streamers (compact & noise-free)

Last Updated on 09/04/2023 by Dean

Every streamer needs a keyboard to complete their stream setup. Here are our top 5 streaming keyboards for 2023.

The ideal keyboard for a streamer is compact to allow for plenty of desk space for your other peripherals and is also quiet enough that it doesn’t get picked up by your microphone.

Whether your keyboard gets picked up by your microphone largely depends on your microphone setup and OBS settings, but it does help to get silent switches when choosing a new keyboard. We’ve found that Cherry MX Silent Red switches are the best option for canceling out the clicky noises from your keyboard while streaming.

HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX Alloy Origins
Budget keyboard for streamers & competitive gamers. Comes in 4 different sizes and the choice to pick between HyperX Red, HyperX Blue & HyperX Aqua switches.

The HyperX Alloy Origins is our top budget keyboard pick for streamers. HyperX Keyboards are most popular by streamers we reviewed in our stream setup articles.

This is an inexpensive keyboard that comes with performance switches and is available in many different sizes. You get to pick between the 60%, 65%, TKL, or full size. We recommend compact sizes to save on desk space but it’s ultimately up to you which keys are important and which aren’t.

For those seeking gaming performance, the HyperX Alloy Origin will grant you the best bang for your buck.

HyperX keyboards come with their own switches: HyperX Red, HyperX Blue & HyperX Aqua. Streamers should opt for the HyperX Reds as these are the most silent option. They closely resemble Cherry MX Red switches with a slightly faster actuation time making them every so slightly superior in games compared to regular Cherry MX Reds.

Best switches for streamers: HyperX Reds

Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 Mini
Premium keyboard for streamers Cherry MX Silent Red Switches for noise-free gaming and the option to customize the keycaps to your hearts content.

The Ducky One 2 Mini is our top premium keyboard pick for streamers. This keyboard ticks all the boxes: It’s compact, comes with noise-free Cherry MX Silent Red switches, and has a high level of customization.

Streamers looking for a performance keyboard might find themselves a cheaper model below that fits their needs, but those who want tons of customization options should definitely consider the Ducky One 2 mini.

The main issue many gamers have with gaming-specific keyboards is that they use their own switches and have unconventional keycap sizes, making customization limited to their branded keycaps only.

When you go for a non-gaming keyboard like the Ducky One 2 Mini, you don’t have to sacrifice your customization.

Furthermore, Ducky One 2 Mini is the only keyboard on this list that comes with Cherry MX Silent Red switches which are the best noise-cancelling switches for streamers.

Best switches for streamers: Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Red

Logitech G Pro X keyboard

Logitech G Pro Keyboard
Portable tenkeyless keyboard designed for competitive gaming.

Logitech’s G Pro keyboard is comparable to the aforementioned HyperX Origins at a slightly higher price point. Just like the origin, this keyboard is used by a large number of top streamers including Shroud, 39Daph & Subroza.

Logitech’s G Pro keyboard was designed with gaming performance in mind.

Streamers who purchase this keyboard should opt for the GX Linear switches which are similar to Cherry MX Reds with a slightly heavier actuation force (50G vs 45G in Cherry Mx Reds).

Best switches for streamers: Gx Linear

Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini
60% performance gaming keyboard for competitive streamers.

Razer’s Huntsman Mini is another keyboard we frequently find as part of the setup of Esports athletes and streamers.

This is a compact 60% keyboard that comes in two colors (black, and white), has three options for switches (Linear, Analog, Clicky), PBT keycaps, Chroma RGB lighting, and comes in a durable aluminum frame.

We recommend this keyboard to those looking for an ultra-compact keyboard that preserves a ton of desk and mouse space. A great choice for competitive games such as Valorant and CS that require large mouse swipes.

Best switches for streamers: Razer Linear Switches

Xtrfy K5

Xtrfy K5 Compact Keyboard
65% hot swappable gaming keyboard with a high level of customization.

For those looking for a customizable gaming keyboard, look no further than the Xtrfy K5. This is a compact 65% hot-swappable keyboard that can be completely customized on their website to fit your wishes.

Through the customizer, you can pick your frame color, choose between many different switches (Cherry, Kaihl, Gateron, Momoka, etc.), choose your keycaps, add extra keycaps, pick a frame color, add a coiled cable, and a bunch of other things.

You can go completely nuts and customize to your heart’s content. Though be warned, while fun, customizing your board does get expensive very quickly.

Those looking to save some money can also buy a prebuilt one from Amazon and still get all the features Xtrfy’s K5 has to offer except for customization.

Which keyboards do top streamers use?

KeyboardStreamers who use this keyboard
HyperX Alloy OriginsAverageJonas, Sydeon, Kkatamina, TenZ, Tarik, Valkyrae
Logitech G Pro X 39Daph, Shroud, Subroza, Sinatraa, Wardell, Pokimane, iiTzTimmy
Ducky One 2 miniAceu
Razer Huntsmans0m, Punz, Faker

tips to keep your keyboard noise-free for streaming

Use Rubber O-rings

rubber o rings sit underneath your key caps and dampen the sound coming from your keyboard

If you already own a keyboard and your clicks keep getting picked up by your microphone, consider getting a pack of rubber o rings to make your keyboard less noisy.

These are super cheap but effective at keeping your keyboard noise-free. O rings are placed inside the keycap (around the stem) and are effective at dampening your keys.

Get a boom arm for your microphone

The main reason beginner streamers have a ton of keyboard noise is that don’t have their microphone set up on a boom arm. Instead, the microphone sits on a desk stand. This is bad for a number of reasons we won’t get into now but all of those are easily fixed when the microphone is set up on a boom arm.

having your microphone set up on a boom arm avoids your microphone from picking up feedback from your keyboard
having your microphone set up on a boom arm avoids your microphone from picking up feedback from your keyboard

A boom arm connects to the back of your desk and allows the microphone to get close to your face, enabling you to get MUCH better audio out of your microphone and deny any sounds coming from your desk such as your keyboard.

Innogear makes a super inexpensive boomarm to get you started.

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